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A Central Vietnam Tour in 7 days


A 7-day tour to Central Vietnam is very favored by both domestic and international tourists because of the greatness it brings. Only a week on this land, visitors can visit a lot of national historical relics, famous landscapes and understand more about the cultural identity of Vietnam.

There are various attractive tourist destinations in Central Vietnam, however, up to now, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Quang Binh have always been on top of the must-visit destinations list for your Vietnam tours in general and Central Vietnam tours in particular.

Day 1: Ngu Hanh Son – Hoi An Ancient Town

Your Vietnam Tour 7 days will start from hectic Da Nang City. In the morning, whenever you come to Da Nang, our staffs will be willing to welcome you and take you to the hotel. Then, you officially start the exciting journey of discovery. The very first destination is Ngu Hanh Son – also known as Non Nuoc Mountain.

After about 30 minutes traveling by car, you stop by Hoa Hai Ward. Here, you will visit a limestone mountain range located in the center of the city. Local people often call it with a much more familiar name – Non Nuoc Mountain. Tourists will conquer 108 steps of Mount Thuy Son to visit the Linh Ung Non Nuoc Pagoda – one of three ancient Linh Ung pagodas in Da Nang.

Tourists will gather at the foot of the mountain to visit Non Nuoc Stone Village. Here, visitors can learn about the traditional stone sculpture of Vietnam, contemplate the sophisticated works, buy necessary stone items for your daily lives.

After a few hours of sightseeing in Ngu Hanh Son, the delegation left to visit Hoi An Ancient Town. At night, enjoying specialties of Hoi An in a restaurant will definitely help you have a wonderful dinner. Then, visitors will have a chance to wander around the charming Hoi An Town to discover interesting things here. The soul of the old town is well preserved in every scene of nature, every local’s activity, which will leave you unforgettable impressions.


Hoi An Ancient Town at night

After being immersed in the ancient cultural space in Hoi An, visitors will get in the car to return to the beautiful Da Nang City. Visitors will rest at a hotel in Da Nang.

Day 2: Ba Na Hills – Fantasy Park

In the morning, visitors are able to use buffet breakfast at the hotel to have enough energy for a long day exploring. Our staffs will pick you up at the hotel. The car will go along the coastal road of Nguyen Tat Thanh to get to that the foot of Ba Na Mountain, which is about 25km away from the city.

After free time to take pictures at the mountain foot and enjoy the special music water show, the delegation will get on the cable car to the peak. Visitors get off at Debay Station. Here, Ba Na with breathtaking natural scenery as in the middle of the heaven warmly welcomes you. Here, visitors can visit Linh Ung Ba Na Pagoda, the second Linh Ung pagoda in Da Nang. Then, visitors will continue to travel by a cable car to reach the most visited area in Ba Na Hills.

Cable cars to Ba Na Hills

Cable cars to Ba Na Hills

At noon, tourists will have lunch with all dishes cooked by expert chefs in a luxurious restaurant. After lunch, visitors can rest at the restaurant or be free to have a tour around the French Village.

In the afternoon, the delegation will visit the Fantasy Park. This is where visitors are totally immersed in the adventures of the famous characters to experience interesting games in this world-level amusement park. Here, visitors can also have a look at the dinosaur forest, the wax exhibition, etc. Then, the car will leave Ba Na and take tourists back to the city center.

At night, visitors can have dinner at the restaurant with local specialties. After that, you are free to explore Da Nang City at night. You can explore the Asian Park, visit Helio or take part in fascinating activities along Han River, etc.

Day 3: Cu Lao Cham

In the morning, visitors will have buffet breakfast prepared by the hotel. After that, our staffs will pick you up at the hotel, departing for a Cu Lao Cham day tour.

At Cua Dai Port, high-speed canoes will bring travelers to the wild Cu Lao Cham. Then, you will start the journey to visit famous places in Cu Lao Cham, such as the Hai Tang Ancient Temple, the sea museum, Cham ancient wells, etc.

After that, you can change costume, go to the beach to swimming, diving for coral viewing. Cu Lao Cham sea with blue sky will completely remove all fatigues of life, make you feel peaceful than ever.

Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham

At noon, visitors have lunch with fresh seafood. Then, you are free to go shopping at locals shop on the island. In the afternoon, tourists will prepare to come back to the mainland. Our car will welcome and take you to your hotel in Da Nang to rest. At night, you continue to explore Da Nang with various exciting activities here.

Day 4: Mud bath & spa

In the morning, after having breakfast at the hotel, our staffs will take you to a new destination. Here you can experience a unique service: Mud bath & spa. It will certainly bring you moments of absolute relaxation, health recovery, etc.

Mud bath and spa

Mud bath and spa

At noon, you are able to enjoy the specialty of Da Nang. In the restaurant, you are free to rest, take photos or buy souvenirs for families and friends. In the afternoon, visitors will go to the beach or visit some famous boutique shops in Da Nang.

After that, you will have dinner at the restaurant and continue to enjoy activities of this coastal city at night. Our staffs will take you back to the hotel to rest and prepare for a new day.

Day 5: Hue

After having breakfast, you will continue your tour. On the 5th day of this exciting 7-day journey to Central Vietnam, you will come to the city full of dreams – Hue Imperial City. On the way, you will stop at Lang Co Bay, visit the famous Ngoc Trai Village. Visitors are able to watch the shining pearl jewelery and even buy some for yourselves.

Arriving in Hue, tourists will get to the Chau Chu Mountain Foot to visit Khai Dinh Tomb, where the 12th King of the Nguyen Dynasty was buried. At noon, the delegation will have lunch at the restaurant with Hue specialties to learn more about Hue cuisine. After that, you can rest at the restaurant to stay healthy for an afternoon excursion.

In the afternoon, our car will take you to the center of Hue to visit the Old Citadel. In this magnificent palace, our guides will tell you stories about Kings. After visiting the place of the Nguyen Kings, you will be taken to Ha Khe Hill to visit Thien Mu Pagoda. This ancient pagoda is also called by the other name – Linh Mu. Up to now, Thien Mu has still held spiritual values in the lives of local people.

Hue Imperial City

Hue Imperial City

After that, you will go back to the hotel and have a rest. You will have dinner at about 7 pm. Then, you will have a free night in Hue. Tourists can enjoy traditional music on Huong River, wander around the city, etc. At night, you come back to your hotel in Hue to rest and wait for a new day of the journey.

Day 6: Quang Binh – Hue

In the morning, everyone departs to visit Dong Hoi – Quang Binh. You will visit well-known monuments such as Quang Tri Citadel, Ben Hai River, Hien Luong Bridge to learn more about the stages in Vietnam history. Once arrive in Dong Hoi, you will stop for lunch with local specialties.

In the afternoon, you will begin the journey to explore the Thien Duong Cave. It has been considered as the marvelous cave in Phong Nha – Ke Bang Nation Park, inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2003 by UNESCO. This majestic and charming cave will attract the visitors at the very first sight. After a visit, you will return to Hue City and enjoy dinner. At night, you will continue to freely explore this city.

Thien Duong Cave

Inside Thien Duong Cave

Day 7: Dong Ba Market

After breakfast as usual, our car will take tourists along the north bank of Huong River to visit Dong Ba Market. This traditional market has long existed in Hue City and still served as the largest commercial center in Thua Thien. Here, you are free to visit, go shopping for souvenirs.

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market

Depending on your departure plan, our staffs and car will see you at the airport in Hue City or Da Nang City. Your Vietnam tour 7 days will end with the joy and satisfaction of everyone.

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