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Best homestays for couple in Hoian| Hoian honeymoon tour

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Hoian has always been new in the eyes of visitors, no matter how many times you go to Hoi An, there are many things that are interesting you here. In addition to the romantic scenery, a variety of foods in the old town, you can have the chance to experience the beautiful homestays for a romantic getaway for a honeymoon in Vietnam.

Red Flower Cottage Homestay

Red-Flower-Cottage- Homestay -hellovietnam

Red Flower Cottage Homestay

The first impression of Red Flower Cottage Homestay is the green garden with tables and chairs that are skillfully arranged so that you can enjoy the drink and take a rest. Despite the dazzling sunshine of Central Vietnam, when coming to Red Flower Cottage Homestay, you will still feel cool, soothing under the canopy of green trees in the homestay’s small garden. Rooms are well-equipped to help you relax after taking a bath or enjoying a walk on the white sand.

This hotel only has five beautiful bedrooms and it takes you just 2 minutes walk from the beach. The rooms at Red Flower are painted with thatched roofs, creating a more natural architectural style that brings to you a romantic Vietnam honeymoon. The rooms are very modern and refined. In addition, Red Flower Cottage Homestay features a communal kitchen with full kitchenware. You can enjoy buy seafood at the market and prepare it here for delicious meals for the whole family.

An BangSeaside Village

 An-Bang-Seaside-Village -hellovietnam

An Bang Seaside Village

An Bang Seaside Village is a great place to stop when you visit beautiful beaches in Hoi An. Situated in an ideal location facing the sea, this place has the entrance that is the starting gate of the residential area. An Bang Seaside Village deserves to be a top homestay destination for your honeymoon tour in Vietnam.

The homestay provides 8 rooms with garden view, sea view. The design of the rooms is very rustic and simple but full of all amenities such as a luxury resort in the sea. The clean white walls are covered with freshly blue paintings that make the room so delicate and lovely.  Simple table and chairs here will give you a great time to enjoy relaxing moments during your Vietnam honeymoon.

When you come to this homestay, you will see firsthand the fancy decoration, unlike anywhere. An Bang Beach Hideaway offers a very spacious and airy front yard. This courtyard is a good place to set up a set of tables and chairs, where you can eat breakfast or afternoon tea.

An BangGarden Homestay

An-Bang-Garden-Homestay -hellovietnam

An Bang Garden Homestay

Approximately 3 minutes walk from An Bang beach, An Bang Garden Homestay is a small house amidst a lovely, fresh and airy garden. Here, you have only one option for the only one room type, which is the garden view bedroom. Because the front of the house is very airy, the bedroom is always full of sunshine, cool breeze and fragrant aroma of plants.

The bedroom of this homestay is simple, comfortable and modern. Not too sophisticated in decorating, An Bang Garden Homestay still makes you feel satisfied by the arrangement of furniture, the sitting room, which is very reasonable and delicate.

The common space is homeowners fully utilized. This place is where you can rest, drink tea, as well as enjoy the beautiful sense outside this homestay. You can spend the time to relax with your partner in a place that is the harmony of nature and modern equipped house. This small homestay has two divine “benches” that bring you the best resting experience with sea view, clear sky, and fresh air. 

Although homestay area is not too large, here you will feel the cohesion of design space and green nature. Therefore, the atmosphere of the house is always cool, fresh, very pleasant. Homestay rooms also have healthy drink such as tea, coffee or you can get some snacks when you get hungry.

There are many places that you can have a tour for couple in Vietnam. But you should give it a try to some wonderful homestays in Hoian, which will never let you down.

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