Ideal destinations for couple In Hoian Tours


Highlight in the central tourist line, Hoian is truly a paradise. Whether it is day or night, Hoi An tourism still has its own charms. CNN has also listed Hoian in top 10 romantic places in the world that couples should explore together ( in 2015). You will experience peaceful and romantic things that only Hoian could offer.

An Hoi Bridge

Decorated with antique parasol and colorful lanterns shimmer shining around the area of Hoai River Square. Tourists, when travel to Hoian, will have a feast of eye-catching beauty and cultural values, especially if you are a history junky. Since these works of art are done by well-known lantern artists in Hoian. With the impressive view overlooking Thu Bon River and lantern suspension running along to the center of Hoai River Square, this is a mood booster for lovers to come and sightseeing, taking a selfie or simply a night walk. It is also a favorite spot for photographers in the style of river house.

An Hoi Bridge At Night

An Hoi Bridge At Night

Hoai River

A tributary of the Thu Bon River flowing through Hoian. It is always crowded, especially at night. There are many romantic activities that you and your partner can do together on this poetic river. Besides taking pictures, you can also float down the canal and save the image of the river as shimmering.

Reaching Out Tea House

Topping the list of the most beautiful, unique and romantic cafes in Hoian is Reaching Out. The shop is designed in the pure Vietnamese style, from the furniture such as tables, chairs, pillows, cupboards, teapot, coffee … to decorative items such as dishes, vases, … are very elegant and simple. As soon as you step into the bar, you will be immersed in the old tea smell and serene vibe. You can sit indoors to feel the warm, neat, nostalgic or in the garden with the romantic beauty of the surrounding.

Reaching Out Tea House

Reaching Out Tea House

An Bang Beach

After visiting the villages and relics, you want to immerse yourself in the white sand and blue coast. Then An Bang Beach is a destination not to be missed in this Hoian tours. With clear sea and long sandy beach under the glistening sunshine, An Bang Beach is selected in the top 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia. Here you will enjoy a relaxing moment on the beach of An Bang brings you a strange monk. The scenery in Cua Dai Beach is beautiful with smooth white sand stretching along the clear blue sea. At Cua Dai beach, visitors can bathe, sunbathe, play sports in the sand, and especially enjoy the delicious fresh seafood.

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Thanh Ha was a very prosperous village, famous for pottery and earthenware exchanged throughout the central provinces of Vietnam. It is one of the famous traditional villages in Hoian. You can admire the fine pottery art which is extremely sophisticated from the skillful hands and talents of artisans in Thanh Ha. In addition, you can also make your own products to make memories or bring back to relatives and friends as gifts. It is located on the bank of the Thu Bon River, in Thanh Ha Ward, Hoian City, about 2km West of the Old Quarter.

Chinese American Conventions

In the 16th – 17th centuries, many Chinese people settled in Hoian and contributed to the thriving development of the port town. Many buildings of spirituality and belief are built, most famous are the three surviving works to this day include Quang Dong Assembly Hall, Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall, Trieu Chau Assembly Hall.

  • Quang Dong Assembly Hall: Built-in 1885. The architecture of the Quang Dong Assembly Hall is distinguished by the rational use of wood and stone materials in the bearing structure. Especially, visitors will be impressed by the decorations and the beauty of pedestal inside and outside the building. Moreover, every year on 24th of June ( on the lunar calendar), there is a very popular festival attracting many participants.

Location: 176 Tran Phu

  • Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall: The house was built in 1967. With the interiors of the garden are decorated with many plants and lakes. Legend has it that the forerunner of the Assembly Hall is a small shrine worshiping the statue of Mazu (the goddess of protection for traders surpassing the ocean), which was picked up on the coast of Hoian in 1697. After many restorations, the house became more brilliant and contributing to the beauty of the architecture of Hoian.

Location: 46 Tran Phu Street

Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall

Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall

Trieu Chau Assembly Hall: Built-in 1845 to serve as a place of worshiping Trieu Chau people's own belief in Hoian. The interior of Trieu Chau Assembly Hall is quite unique when it is decorated with elaborately carved wood paintings, along with motifs, wooden candlesticks, and beautiful terracotta reliefs, reproducing many old folk legends.

Location: 92B Nguyen Duy Hieu.

Old House of Tan Ky

Built nearly 200 years ago, Tan Ky House has the typical architecture of Hoi An town with furniture divided into many rooms. The house is built of traditional materials and made by local carpenters. Its own unique appearance and elegance salience have also shown the interaction with the style of building in the area. On February 17, 1990, Tan Ky House was granted a Certificate of National Historical-Cultural Relics.

Hoi An Handicraft Workshop

The workshop brings together most traditional handicrafts of Hoi An and Quang Nam, such as weaving mats, weaving fabrics, pottery, lacquerware … Visiting the workshop, guests will find a peaceful scenery of Vietnamese countryside. You will visually witness the skillful hands and excellent skills of artisans, creating fine art and craftsmanship. Tourists can take part in the production process and buy some souvenir items.

Hoi An ancient town is always the place where couple prefers traveling. Not only does it has top destinations must-go in Hoian but also with narrow ancient streets leading to the traditional culture behind the gardens and sparkling beauty, the fanciful and warm light of hundreds of silk lanterns, it is considered as a romantic neighborhood for couples. In Hoian, especially on the night of the full moon, the beautiful small town is lit by colorful lights, a beautiful background during the night for a honeymoon or just a short tour for couple in Hoian.

Must-Visit Places In Central Vietnam Group Tours


Situated in a strategic position, South Central Coast of Vietnam does not only attract tourists and visitors because of its wonderful nature and people but also plays an important economic and social role. South Central Coast consists of 8 provinces. Each one offers a unique experience for tourists, from the peaceful Danang to historic Hoi An and enthusiastic Nha Trang.

Blessed with beautiful beaches and nice weather, South Central Coast is an ideal destination for group tours in Vietnam. What’s more relaxing than spending time in the beach drinking coconut water with a couple of friends? Visiting South Central Coast in a must in your Vietnam tours.

Best time to travel to central Vietnam

Under the influence of tropical monsoon climate, the weather in South Central Coast features high temperature and humidity in summer. This is because the southwest monsoon from the Gulf of Thailand spreads over and causes the hot weather.

There are two main seasons. The rainy season is from August until January. The dry season starts from January to July. Therefore, the best time to travel to South Central Vietnam is in spring and summer.

Must-Visit Places In Central Vietnam group tours

Da Nang

From Hue, passing through Hai Van Pass, you will reach Danang – the incredibly dynamic and yet peaceful city. Unfortunately, Danang is mostly skipped by tourists since it is not as famous as its brother cities such as Hoian and Nha Trang.

There are many things to see and experience in Danang. The first thing to name is the Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son in Vietnamese.) Located 7 km away from the city, the mountains consist of marble and limestone mounts which are very interesting to explore. Besides, Son Tra Peninsula with over 4000 hectares is a wonderful spot to have a look at the city. On the top of the peninsula, there sits Linh Ung Pagoda with a massive white Avalokitesvara statue.

Hoi An

The ancient town Hoi An was the most prominent trading town in Southeast Asia during the 16th and 17th century. The town features ancient oriental architecture with Chinese temples, Japanese bridge, wooden houses and French-influenced buildings. In 1999, Hoi An was recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage site.

The Japanese bridge in Hoi An

The Japanese bridge in Hoi An

The old town Hoi An can basically be discovered by foot since it is quite small. However, it doesn’t mean that you can cover everything within a day. Many old houses open the doors for tourists to come inside. Each house features different decorations, furniture arrangements and very personal senses of the owners.

The old quarter of the city is very well preserved. You won’t be able to find any single modern house in the area. Plus, the diversity in culture and architecture of old town Hoi An is what really captivating to most tourists.

Nha Trang

What makes Nha Trang such a popular tourist spot and a great destination for any Central Vietnam group tours are beaches and seafood. Sure you can find all of them in either Hoi An and Danang, but only when you come to Nha Trang and enjoy the vibe it emits you will truly understand what it is like to be in heaven.

Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach

Not only having the beaches, Nha Trang also offered a wide range of islands in Nha Trang Bay, which will take you a while to discover them all. Plus, the ocean scenes are so vast and open that makes your road trip to and around the city.

Phan Thiet

Though beaches are the specialty in Phan Thiet, you can find numerous interesting things to explore here from tropical forests, sand dunes, and fishing villages. Here in Phan Thiet, Po Shanu Cham Towers and Van Thuy Tu Temple are the main tourist attractions outsides beaches for those who want to deepen their understanding of the culture and history of Phan Thiet.

Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

Visiting Phan Thiet, it’s important not to skip the street food here. Grilled squid teeth are one of the must-try dishes while you are in Phan Thiet. Grilled squid teeth are famous for numerous reasons. The most obvious one is that it is available everywhere with a cheap price. Plus, it is an example of how marvelous Vietnamese cooking style is – nothing is wasted. 

Quang Binh tours: top famous caves to visit in Quang Binh


You can visit a lot of spectacular natural landscapes in Quang Binh, particularly many beautiful caves – known as great wonders of Vietnam. Let’s check out top famous caves that you should visit in Quang Binh tours.

1. Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha cave in Ke Bang National Park is the most famous tourist site that you must see in Quang Binh tours. Moreover, it’s known as “The greatest cave in the South” of Vietnam. It’s also recognized as a World Heritage and elected as one of the most beautiful caves in the world by British Royal Caves Association.

Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha cave is located in Ke Bang limestone mounts and covered by tropical rain forests here. Inside the cave, there are thousands of weird shapes of lively stalactites. The cave is surrounded by picturesque sceneries of mounts, rivers, and fields. This natural beauty makes Phong Nha very well-known sites in Vietnam.

2. Son Đoong Cave

Hang Sơn Đoong, one of the top caves in Vietnam, recently is a hot topic spreading out in the world. It’s also a very famous cave among a lot of Quang Binh caves. Placed in Phong Nha – Ke Bang tourist site in Bo Trach district, Son Đoong now is keeping the record of the longest cave in the world. It’s also ranked 8th in the list of 52 must-see places in 2014. If you’re planning for your Quang Binh tours, let’s put this name on your list!

Son Đoong Cave

Son Đoong Cave

3. Thien Đuong Cave

One of the greatest natural wonders in Quang Binh is Thien Đuong cave, which is also known as the underground palace, one of the most spectacular and stunning caves in the world. Thien Đuong cave is located about 4km to the edge of Western Branch in Ho Chi Minh Road. The beauty of Thien Đuong cave is not only poetry but also mysterious and miracle, so it’s always a must-see landscape in your Quang Binh tours.

4. Tien Son Cave

Tien Son cave, also called Kho cave, is a stunning cave which is also located in Phong Nha – Ke Bang tourist site. The entrance leading to Tien Son cave is quite winding. On the way to this cave, you have to get through picturesque huge nature, which will make you feel that human beings are so small in nature, in this universe when standing before the inferiority of heaven and earth. Due to the fairy-tale and mysterious beauty, previously, Tien Son was also called Tien cave by local people.

Tien Son Cave

Tien Son Cave

5. Tu Lan Cave

Although Tu Lan cave is more modest and less famous than the caves mentioned above, it’s still known as a highlight among Quang Binh caves, a potential tourist site in this province. Maybe due to its mysterious beauty, it’s simile a “pernickety” pretty girl. Located about 70km to the west of Phong Nha cave, Tu Lan cave consists of about 8 separated caves.

You have to get through forests, streams and many difficulties to reach this site. And, the most interesting attraction of this cave is that you have to sail inside five connecting dark caves to enjoy its impressing unique beauty. Water inside these Quang Binh caves is cool, crystal-clear that make this site more impressive to visitors.

6. En Cave

You should spend at least 2 days and 1 night to explore this cave, get through big streams, trekking through pristine forests, picturesque valleys and go camping inside En cave. Next to En cave and link with it is Cold cave where you will sail in the dark and touch stalactites. This journey demand you to have good health and great energy because you’ll have to walk 10km in just one day. Let’s come and challenge yourself with this cave, enjoy an exciting adventure and explore many secrets here.

En Cave

En Cave

7.  Va – Nuoc Nut Cave

It’s a 2-day-1-night trip with the whole way of 10km. This cave impresses visitors with its spectacular system of stalactites and limestone towers. To reach there, you should get through ledges, gradients, and even sharpen and slippery way with the support of specialized equipment. You should prepare foods, tent, lamp, warm-keeping clothes, etc. for a safe tour.

Va – Nuoc Nut Cave

Va – Nuoc Nut Cave

These are top 7 famous caves that you can visit in Quang Binh. Formed totally naturally, these caves will impress you right at the first sight. Let’s come and enjoy it yourself. 

Hoian – more than just an ancient town


Hoian is a reputable destination on the central coast of Vietnam that welcomes numerous flocks of travelers from all over the world. Talking about this place, almost every person knows it is an ancient town with the history dating back to several centuries ago.

However, there are still many other interesting things that they do not acknowledge. Take a look at the following hotspots that travelers should not miss when taking Hoian group tours.

1. Mangrove palm forest

Nestled just about 3 kilometers from the ancient town, the mangrove palm forest in Cam Thanh Commune is an exceptionally fascinating attraction in Hoian. The palm forest is located at the convergence of Thu Bon and Truong Giang Rivers, making up a wonderful scenery that would steal visitors’ hearts at the very first sight.

Small canal in the forest

Small canal in the forest

The mangrove palm forest in Hoian cannot be a better option for Vietnam off the beaten track tours. Travelers can rent bikes to ride along the shaded paths through the forest to enjoy the fresh atmosphere as well as to see the beautiful handicraft items made from the palm leaves that are picked by the locals. It is also interesting to bring fishing rods and go fishing in a tranquil and peaceful place while watching the glamour sunset on the river.

Basket boat dancing

Basket boat dancing

Another must-try activity that Hoian group tours should not ignore is trying the basket boat dancing. Basket boat is a unique kind of boat of the locals. You will go aboard the small rounded boat and glide along the canals to see the picturesque scenery of the palm forests. Especially, the basket boat dancing is exceptionally fascinating to try.

2. Thanh Ha Pottery Village

With the history dating back to the 16th century, Thanh ha Pottery Village, which is about 3 kilometer to the west of Hoian, is one of the most famous pottery villages in Vietnam. It acclaims reputation for high-qualified pottery products that have been sold all along the Central Coast in particular and Vietnam in general. Nowadays, the products made from the skillful hands of the local craftsmen are also exported to different markets in the world. The products vary in types and sizes, from small cups to large vases and jars. The bricks and tiles are the most outstanding items of Thanh Ha Pottery trademark.

Thanh Ha is a famous traditional pottery village

Thanh Ha is a famous traditional pottery village

Visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village, travelers will get a closer look to the traditional occupation of the locals. It is great to make pottery souvenirs by yourself to bring home.

3. Thu Bon River

It would be a big regret if you take Hoian group tours but ignore the poetic Thu Bon River, which flows through this little town. While the part flowing through the old quarter has been long well-known for its majestic beauty with the colorful lanterns at night, the other parts are also magnificent, yet not many people acknowledge about.

Sunset on Thu Bon River

Sunset on Thu Bon River

A trip along the riverside of Thu Bon River will enable travelers to get rid of the stress and fatigue of the daily life and ease their minds with the tranquilly beautiful scenery of the less-traveled destinations in Hoian. It would be amazing to ride through the small paths around the hamlets, across the green rice fields to get a deeper approach to the life in the countryside. You can also sample the simple yet tasty delicacies of this land. Taking on a boat gliding along the river to watch the glorious sunset is also worth giving a try.

4. An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach

Traveling to Hoian, people tend to choose Cua Dai as their beach destination but forget another stunning one – An Bang Beach. Voted as one of 25 best beaches in Asia, An Bang Beach holds a strong appeal that travelers cannot stand themselves from falling in love. The Colgate-white beach with stretching sandbank and aqua-green sea water is particularly suitable for strolling and sun-bathing. An Bang Beach is much less crowded than Cua Dai Beach, and there are not that many restaurants or resorts here. The beach hence well remains its tranquility, offering people with a quiet and peaceful place to run away from the bustling life.

Apart from the antiquity of the old quarter, Hoian has many other things to offer. If you are still wondering where to go in Hoian, consider the destinations above. A tour to Hoian will bring you the wonderful moments that would last a lifetime.

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