Central Vietnam group tour to Cu Lao Cham

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A Central Vietnam group tour is always a great option for anyone who wants to discover the new place and has a natural adventure for their life. Cu Lao Cham is one of the best destinations that you should visit at least once on your tour.


Cu Lao Cham island

Cu Lao Cham is a group of islands in Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province, 15 km from Cua Dai beach. This is the beach recognized by the UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve in 2009. Cu Lao Cham has attracted many visitors over the past few years due to the pristine beauty of the beaches, stable schedule. If you have the opportunity to have a Central Vietnam tour, don’t forget to arrange a day to Cu Lao Cham Island.


Chong Beach

To the historical side, Cu Lao Cham is a historical relic associated with the formation and development of the commercial port of Hoi An with many relics bearing the culture of Sa Huynh, Cham Pa, and Dai Viet. Historically, the region has been playing an important role in the international maritime map of the East Coast, which has been a popular stopover destination for many merchant ships in the Orient as well as for the West on cruise lines along the aromatic, silk, ceramics maritime lines. Are you interested in Central Vietnam group tour?

Geographically, Cu Lao Cham is an area with great ecological diversity. The rare species of sea animals, colorful coral reefs are preserved in the best environment making Cu Lao Cham as an ideal destination for wildlife lovers. Besides, beaches with long, fine white sand, blue water that it is possible to look down to the bottom is a specialty of this place. The whole island has seven beaches stretching from the Northwest to the Southeast including:

Under-sea-diving -hellovietnam

Under-sea diving

  • South Beach: with many natural caves, few people come.
  • Ong Beach: Near Lang beach, next to the pier, there are many restaurants busy at noon, this is the most crowded beach, the tour usually offers guests lunch.
  • Lang Beach: is a fishing wharf, from here to the residential area of ​​Cam hamlet.
  • Xep Beach: not yet exploited tourists, which makes this place very quiet and suitable for you to have private space for your group tour in Central Vietnam.
  • Chong Beach: beautiful beach with coconut trees, two bungalows were once a restaurant.
  • Bim Beach: free bath, clear blue water beach with rock formations for you to take pictures.
  • Huong beach: hard to bathe because many boats anchored. This place is suitable for you to eat fresh seafood.

All of these beaches are about 20 meters wide, with a length of 100meters to 300 meters, each beach has the unique feature that makes it easy for guests to choose a place to have fun and bathing when visiting Cu Lao Cham.

From here are many ways you can go to Cu Lao Cham such as going by yourself or buying a package tour during the day. If you like being free to explore whatever you want to go, it will be better for you to go by yourself. However, if you are those who want to be safe and enjoy your holiday comfortably, you should book a tour for your Vietnam tours.

The best time to visit Cu Lao Cham is from March to August every year because of the warm weather, calm sea. Other months in the year, there are many storms and almost no islands become isolated.

If you want to combine your trip with the sightseeing lantern Hoi An ancient town, you should go on the full moon day (1st or 15th of each month in lunar calendar). Or if you want to participate in the cultural festival of local people, you can choose to go on the festival such as the Festival of Fish (3rd to 4th April in lunar calendar) or the Nest Ceremony (9th to 10th March lunar calendar).

In addition, you also have another option is camping if you go with the big group. There are many support services for your camping in the area of Bai Ong, Bai Huong. But if you like a completely opened space then you can choose Bai Bai and Bai Lay.

And the most interesting part to have the best tours in Vietnam, you have to try under-sea diving activities. You can buy tickets yourself at the pier or ask the guest house to buy. Ticket price is 150k/person with full equipment such as life jackets, ships taking you to the diving area and also guide to accompany. Recently, however, with the increase of tourists coming to Cu Lao Cham, the pressure on the coral reefs is so great that the slow recovery of coral reefs has had a severe impact on Cu Lao Cham’s habit. So if you see the coral reef, absolutely do not break the coral or bring coral to the land.


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