Central Vietnam group tours to Tam Hai island – give it a try


Do you want to have a wonderful Central Vietnam group tours? You do not know where should you go? Then Tam Hai island is definitely a great destination for you to discover. Why? Let’s find out in this writing.

About 40 km south of Tam Ky city, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, Tam Hai island is surrounded by sea around the year so people always enjoy a peaceful life. This is definitely an answer to your question of where to go in Central Vietnam.


Tam Hai beach

Tam Hai Island is separated from the outside world by the romantic Truong Giang river. To get here, you can go by motorboat from Tam Tien Commune to the north or go along the National Highway 1 and turn to the seaside for about 10 km, then get on a ferry at the mouth of the Ky Ha River. Because the road is not favorable, it is very difficult for this island to develop in terms of tourism potential. It is really a central Vietnam hidden gem, right?


Coconut tree in Tam Hai beach

The cultural life here has been remained through generations. Therefore, you can still find somewhere the unique traditional in the daily life of the local people. The hospitality, friendliness, and enthusiasm have made many visitors who come here fall in love with this place.

Tam Hai island as a hidden gem in the shell that has not been honed. But perhaps its wild beauty appeals to those who love to explore the world and who like new sensations. Together with a peaceful life here, the landscape covered with a wonderful sense of the coconut palms under the sun and white sand beaches. You might now understand why this is the top islands in central Vietnam.

Tam Hai island is more special because of its seafront and three sides of this island face the river. And that is the reason why people here have the unique culture of the sea regions. On the beach, besides large and small boats, you can find the unique rowboats of this region that anchored on the blue ocean.

For those who like to discover the new things in the world, Ban Than rapids is a must go destination. This place is more than 1km in length and surrounds a small mountain that is made up of sparkling black stone. Due to the change during the time and the invasion of the sea waves, Ban Than rapids owns much unique stone sculpture of nature, which will surely bring excitement to visitors. From the stone strip, you can visit many small islands, which are the ideal tourist destinations for seeing coral reefs in special shapes in the island such as Hon Mang, Hon Dua, Hon Da Chim.

The next destination is Cua Lo, which is one of the relics left after the training of the King Hong Duc. Standing on the mudflats here and looking straight ahead, you can see the magnificent view of the landscape. It might feel like standing on the back of a large fish in the middle of the ocean.

Your day in Tam Hai Island can begin with watching the dawn in the early morning. Then you can prepare the gear bringing on fishermen boat and going fishing on the ocean. The boat will take you offshore for a few miles and then anchored between the immense waves. You can enjoy the moment when the sky stretches like endless.


The picture in the village

Perhaps, the sentiment of the island people here is the most attractive thing here when visitors have Central Vietnam group tours in here. They rely on others and willing to help other like family members. Here the evils or thefts do not seem to happen. Local people will warmly welcome you by inviting you to enjoy the specialties of coconut water. Fresh coconut juice is cool and slightly fizzy enough for you to remember it for the rest of your life.

If Cu Lao Cham has long been a tourist destination chosen by many tourists, Tam Hai is a place where will bring you the most peaceful moment. Nature has given the island its smooth sand, glistening in the sun, which is overwhelmed with those who first visit this region.

After the moments buried at work, you probably find Tam Hai island as an attractive destination to have moments of relaxation in your group tour in Quang Nam. You can feel harmony in nature and heaven and forget about the worries of life.

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