Chicken Rice – The must-eat food in the Hoian food tour

Hoian is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam with various attractions and a lot of delicious foods, including chicken rice – one of the must-eat dishes in Hoian. Someone said if you don’t eat Hoian chicken rice, it means you haven’t been to Hoian. So, remember to try this delicious food to have a perfect Hoian food tour.

1. Overview

This Hoian cuisine is a tasty food that you can eat in every season throughout the year. The first attraction of this food is the chicken meat. The meat is carefully chosen. They take the meat from Vietnamese chickens which are young and raised in large gardens to have soft but firm, and sweet-smelling meat.


[Hoian chicken rice]

As the Central Vietnam cuisine, they don’t keep all the thighs and wings like other regions. After boiling the chicken, they tear the meat into small fibers, mix it with onion, fragrant knotweed, lemon juice and other seasonings. After mixed with spices, the chicken meat tastes a little bit sour, spicy and firm, really delicious.


[Chicken meat]

Choosing the rice to make soft and sweet-scented chicken rice is important and final. They use the broth after boiling the chicken to cook the rice so that the grains of rice are alight with natural light yellow color. Every rice grain looks full and tastes sweet and pervaded with the flavor of the chicken. Once you try this food in your Vietnam culinary tour, you can hardly forget this wonderful taste.


[The rice]

Each serving of Hoian chicken rice has a proper amount of rice covered by a layer of mixed chicken, decorated with some sliced onion, fragrant knotweed and a little powder of pepper and salt. It would taste better when eaten with homemade chili sauce, a bowl of mustard greens soup with ginger, and a portion of sweet and sour grated salad of papaya and carrot. It would be a wonderful experience when sitting in a restaurant by the romantic Hoai River and enjoy the delicious taste of chicken rice.


[Chicken rice in Hoian]

2. Recommended restaurants

Mrs. Buoi Chicken Rice

It is the most famous chicken rice restaurant recommended in every Hoian food tour. This chicken rice restaurant located at 22 Phan Chau Trinh, Hoian opens from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The rice is sweet-scented and ragged, the chicken is tough and yellow. Each serving has a small bowl of soup, making the flavor better.


[Mrs. Buoi Chicken Rice]

Mrs. Buoi’s chicken rice is the most long-standing restaurant in Hoian. It has been serving for over 50 or 60 years. The price is $1.6 – $2.3 for each serving for both Vietnamese and foreign tourists, depending on the offers of customers. You will get the bill when paying.

Mrs. Ty Chicken Rice

Located at 25-27 Phan Chau Trinh, Mrs. Ty’s chicken rice is the second most famous restaurant in this city. It’s located opposite to Mrs. Buoi’s restaurant, but this address is still crowded. The chicken tastes greasy, sweet and very tasty. They make the soup in their own recipe to souse on the rice. The chicken skin makes the food taste more charming. Each serving of chicken rice in Mrs. Ty’s restaurant is eaten with a plate of grated papaya mixed with chili sauce and soya sauce, and a bowl of chicken bowel soup.


[Mrs. Ty Chicken Rice]

Mrs. Huong Chicken Rice

This restaurant is located at 48 Le Loi. The rice is cooked carefully in the broth after boiling chicken, so it tastes soft and sweet-scented. The chickens are raised in the garden, therefore, the chicken meat is firm, sweet but not too tough. Besides, chicken rice in Mrs. Huong’s restaurant is served with a plate of sweet and sour grated papaya and carrot salad. They also add turmeric and baby jackfruit to create beautiful color and improve the taste.


[Mrs. Huong Chicken Rice]

Mrs. Nga Chicken Rice

Another address in Phan Chau Trinh Street is Mrs. Nga’s chicken rice at 8 Phan Chau Trinh. If Mrs. Buoi’s chicken rice has gentle and sophisticated flavor, Mrs. Nga’s chicken rice tastes charming and tasty thanks to the delicious broth poured over the brown rice, making it tasty and attractive. The chicken meat tastes greasy and firm. It is torn into thick pieces and arranged fully over the rice plate. Besides, they also serve torn chicken and fragrant greens to be eaten with rice chicken.


[Mrs. Nga restaurant]

There are many other famous addresses where you can enjoy a tasty portion of rice chicken when visiting Hoian. Remember to drop in and try this food to have a great Hoian food tour.

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