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Tra Que Herb Village – The interesting destinations in Hoian day tour


Trà Quế Herb Village is a tourist climax that belongs to Hoian Town, Quảng Nam Province. This is one of a very few localities nationwide that has still maintained its initial organic-oriented planting technique. Lied only 3 kilometers away from Hoian Old Quarter itself, Trà Quế is a highly famed urban-like destination that you can cite in your list of the most expected Vietnam countryside tour. So, let’s draft your first image of Trà Quế Herb Village right away by taking a look down further to see what can be expected when taking a day trip to this site!


Discover Hoian in your own way

What to expect at Trà Quế Herb Village?

Trà Quế has long been a trusted site for producing over 20 species of herbs and veggies that grow on a highly fertilized soil and especially manured with their own one-of-a-kind freshwater weed self-growing at the bottom of Đế Võng River. As a result, veggies found at Trà Quế bear an impeccably unique flavor which is mainly used in most of Hoian delicacies.


Trà Quế herbs

Trà Quế in Hoian is one of the best tours in Vietnam where you would be warmly welcomed by the truest peasants, who are about to instruct you over the progress of hoeing up ground, growing a few beds of herbs, holes digging, seeding and altogether fishing out the organic weed. When noontime comes, prepare an authentic lunch by yourselves under your hosts’ instruction and spend a relaxing nap on a bamboo hammock amid a shady garden. Other than that, you may welcome afternoon activities such as spreading a net, fishing and so on. Trà Quế does not only give you an unexpected experience as a Vietnam tour for family, yet also delivers a feeling of a true village surrounded by the vast greenish of organic veggies.


Trà Quế surrounding

How to get your tour started at Trà Quế within just a day?

Having your breakfast done before 8 am and have your Vietnam tailor-made tour guide pick you up at 8.30 am and start your day by heading straight to Trà Quế Herb Village on a bicycle. Sneaking through the little curving paths to reach the first venue of your trip, a local bistro for a quick serve of herbal juice and get to know about the stories behind the birth of where you are about to visit Trà Quế Village. Later on, local peasants will show you around their gardens, where each of the species would be introduced alongside with special techniques on growing an organic herb garden. This will be followed by your own practice where you would be ushered through each step of planting a type of vegetable. In the end, riding on the back of a buffalo is what you should expect to be offered.


Learning a special technique

Pause half of your trip right here and get back to the local household for a special treatment. Soaking your feet in the warm water added a good amount of herbal medicine before having your lunch started. A cooking class is an upcoming experience. Beside Cao Lầu, a Hoian delicacy identity, here at Trà Quế, you will be taught how to make Tam Hữu, a special version of Spring rolls and Bánh Xèo, the Vietnamese pancakes. Last but not least, get to taste your own final achievements with Trà Quế locals before taking a short snap in their gardens. This trip would be finished at around 2 pm. Make a good farewell with these local hosts and drive back to your accommodation.


Live like a local

Trà Quế Herb Village has become such a model for anyone who is desiring an ideal Vietnam tour for family. Those types of activities and experiences you are rewarded here at Trà Quế can be seen as the finest selection when having your kids around. Relaxation is not the only thing you can be offered here. Other than that, following the local citizens and learning more about a special technique of growing veggies which is solely used with organic elements are such an intellectual trip you can ever think of. Hence, do not feel like skipping Trà Quế in your next trip to Hoian.

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