Enjoy peaceful Hoian day tours in Thanh Nam fishing village

Hoian is a famous tourist destination with various stunning landscapes, delicious foods, and many other impressive attractions. One of the most favorite sites for visitors on Hoian day tours is Thanh Nam fishing village. This peaceful and pretty village is an ideal destination for wonderful Hoian tours for family, where you can experience the life of a fishing family.

1. Overview

Thanh Nam fishing village is a pretty village located in Cua Dai Beach. Visitors to Hoian usually ride bicycles or motorbikes to this village to go sightseeing. You can go to this village by ferry from Cua Dai port. This is a famous destination for Hoian day tours, especially cycling tours around the village starting in the early morning, when fishing boats full of seafood coming back, and villagers with palm-leaf conical hats open up a local market right on the beach.


[Cua Dai beach]

Thanh Nam fishing village is a favorite destination of many photographers or visitors coming here for a motorbike tour around this site. It has a specific beauty of a charming countryside in Vietnam with romantic smooth sandy beach, which attracts a great number of visitors to Hoian. Therefore, this pretty village is a must-see stop in your Hoian day tours.

2. Way to get Thanh Nam village

To reach this tourist site, you can go by ferry from Hoian or catch a bus to go on the high-speed road. If you go by ferry, you only have to pay 10.000 VND to go directly from Cua Bai Port to the fishing port, linking with the path leading to the village. Going along this way, you can get through the area local people make fish sauce and light-colored houses with yards full of dried fishes or jars of fish sauce.


[Thanh Nam fisher at work]

3. Attractions of Thanh Nam village

You can go through fishing farms or seafood restaurants where you can drop in and eat fresh seafood or Quang noodle – the special food of Hoian. Local people in Thanh Nam village are poor but very honest, meek and affable. They are also hospitable and friendly, therefore, visitors to here often prefer going fishing with them and experiencing the life of fishers.


[Sunset in Cua Dai]

When you go out of the village, you will reach a long beautiful beach, which looks like an endless beach. If you look to the right, you can see a heaving ground of tombs next to many rows of beefwoods. You will also go through twisty T-junctions, which embrace the coastal path and run windingly through smaller villages on the beach. That is also the place the dusty pathway replaces the modern asphalted road. This place is located on a road leading to a beautiful bay with a white sandy beach and crystal-clear water.


[Visit Thanh Nam – Hoian]

When the sunset dyes low and high peaceful house roofs in yellow, you should come back to the ferry landing to return to the land before it is too dark. The ferry will bring you far away from the peaceful village lying silently by the sea.

4. Things to do in Thanh Nam village

Hoian group tours to Thanh Nam village will bring you to a land full of fairy tales. Visiting here, you can sit on small fishing boats of the local fishers and go sightseeing along picturesque rivers. Moreover, the local fishers will teach you how to row and steer the boat, spread a net, release a “rap”, lift a “or” – a small square fishing net, and do fishing.


[Sunset in Hoian sea]

After a long day working hard on the boat, you can drop in a riverside restaurant. The prepared cooking fire is ready for you to cook the fruit of your labor. Eat the fishes, shrimps, or crabs you have caught. You can also drink a couple cups of rice wine or fresh tea, knit and mend the net and sing, chat with the local fishers. Before the end of your Hoian tours to this fishing village, you will sit on a boat to return to Cua Dai to take some photos, watch the sundown on the sea or go to Bay Mau coconut forest and visit Thuan Tinh ecotourism site.


[Swimming in Hoian beach]

There are many other attractions in this peaceful and charming fishing village. Visiting Hoian, remember to drop in Thanh Nam village for an interesting trip on your Hoian day tours.

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