Four big turn-offs you do not want to breach when in Hoian Old Quarter

If your plan for the upcoming Vietnam family packages featured UNESCO’s Hoian Old Quarter in it, that costs nothing better. However, as an ancient town itself, Hoian owns some significant rules to be followed. Below listed four mistakes visitors usually tend to violate and you will not want to do the same.


What not to do in Hoian?

Fare evasion

It may sound bizarre at first as most of you are advised nothing relating to tickets or fares when owning a Vietnam family holiday package to Hoian Old Quarter. Yes, it is totally true. However, a visit to some of its specific landmarks may require an entrance fee, which totally does not cost you that much compared to other famed relics across the Globe. Some of the visitors find it not a big issue when freely move inside out without holding a proper ticket.


Japanese Covered Bridge

Nevertheless, the act of purchasing your own tickets leads to a positive outcome which would be used as a big fundraising for the renovation of this UNESCO’s popular heritage. In exchange, those with tickets available are capable of picking 4 out of Hoian’s 21 landmarks which consist of museums, ancient houses, assembly halls and a lot more. Other than that, these would be able to instruct intricately about the whole sitemap and the spectacular cultural venues throughout the campus.

Good news! If you are traveling to Hoian in a group of 8 and above, grabbing your group tickets allows owning a local tour guide accompany.

Visiting Hoian during rainfalls

Our second listed option does not mean you are solely not allowed to visit the Old Quarter during its rainy season. The things are, heavy raindrops and severe flood are something not many of you are happy with. The finest time to enter Hoian is between January and July, which means the rest of the years, Hoian is likely to welcome frequent storms and floods.


Flooding in Hoian

The Old Quarter is located right on the bank of Hoài River. As a consequence, heavy rainfalls usually lead to drastic overwhelming flows. Hoian within these days witnesses a lack of visitors, which brings out an utmost sadness taking over the whole city. In addition, the fun of eating street food and wandering around its little-hidden corners become slightly inconvenient.

Hansel of misfortune

Seeing Hoian and staying over in a local homestay in your Vietnam tour for family seems like a nice idea. Our native hosts sometimes advise their guests towards an expected fact of being a Hansel for some local vendors on the streets in the morning. Hoian dwellers pay an absolute attention to those starting their days.


A silk store in Hoian

If you decide to have a shopping tour around Hoian when the first sunlight is around the corner, remember not to turn the sellers down by asking for a bargain, and it gets even worse if the bargain leads to a failure outcome that you tend to not purchase what you have been looking for. What we would advise you in this scenario is to lead a cozy conversation and feel free to grab what you like if its price is not that harsh.

Moving around the ancient campus on a scooter

Even though sometimes motorbikes are spotted out at some corners in Hoian Old Quarter, some specific road sections in the city ban scooters from entering such as Trần Phú, Nguyễn Huệ, Công Nữ Ngọc Hoa and the entire passageway along the Hoài River from 9 am to 11 am and from 3 pm to 9:30 pm on every single day throughout the whole week.


Cyclo is one of the best options

The campus of Hoian Old Quarter is not so huge that you feel like needing a fast-moving electronic device such as a scooter for an absolute tour. When in the site, you can choose to rent a bike, have a long walk or pick on a cycle to see Hoian in a slow-paced vibe.


Explore Hoian in a peaceful way

If you have completely been to such ancient town before, Hoian has held in itself a large collection of ancient religious buildings such as Phước Lâm, Chúc Thánh, Long Tuyền Buddhist Pavilions and a lot more. Hence, if you are with your beloved ones in a Vietnam family tour package to one of these holy shrines, be advised to dress smartly and remember to cover your shoulders and knees. Several cases had happened by far in which foreign visitors are banned from entering such religious temples due to inappropriate outfits.

It would be awesome if you visit Hoian with your close-knit family members in one of the Vietnam family packages to Quảng Nam Province. Do not forget to note down these 4 advised instructions and have fun in Hoian in the best way.

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