Hoian travel – the wonderful city mostly suggested by Vietnam local tour operators


Hoi An is famous for its very own unique character. Taking Hoi An is a good recommendation from Vietnam local tour operators. For visitors who visit this city for the first time, hoianreviews suggests you some Vietnam local guides and best tips when traveling in Hoi An.

When should we travel Hoi An?

The climate in Hoi An is divided into two distinct rainy and dry seasons. Each season has its own characteristics. However, according to the experience of Hoi An tourism self-sufficiency that we synthesize, you should go to Hoi An at the following time:

The14th day of the lunar month – the best time to travel Hoi An:

The best time to travel Hoi An

The best time to travel Hoi An

It will be extremely astonishing, very majestic if you approach Hoi An at this time. By the day of this full moon, all the families in the ancient town of Hoi An will turn off the lights and light lanterns. Therefore, you will be admired a most mysterious beautiful scene. Not only that, the festival, the extraordinary performances will not make you regret coming to Hoi An around this time.

The appropriate time to travel to Hoi An

  • February to April:

Around this time, the weather in Hoi An is especially cool and pleasant. It is suitable for those who want to come here to relax.

  • May to July:

May to July is near the end of the dry season in Hoi An. The weather is transcendent for you to go to Cu Lao Cham. This period of time is also the ideal time to travel to Hoi An. You can participate many excursion activities at this time.

  • October to December:

If you want to experience a boat rowing in An Hoi ancient town, come here at this time. Because this is the beginning of the rainy season in Hoi An, the old town is submerged in water. People have to travel by boat. However, your travel plans will be blocked by the rain. Therefore, before traveling Hoi An in the rainy season. you should think proper.

Transportation to travel to Hoian:

A bus in Hoi An

A bus in Hoi An

You can travel to Hoi An by plane and car. However, Hoi An has no airport or train station. Therefore, tourists have to arrive at Da Nang airport. The tourists can travel to Da Nang by plane, train, car or motorcycle. If traveling by plane to Da Nang International Airport, you can take a taxi to Hoi An. Da Nang is about 30km away from Hoi An so it takes about 20 – 30 minutes to go there.

If traveling by train to Danang Railway Station, visitors can take the bus to Hoi An, about 20 minutes with a trip. If traveling by car, visitors can stop at some bus stations in Hoi An city or directly to the attractions.

After arriving in Hoi An, travelers can choose which transportation to travel in the inner city depending on their preferences and needs. If you want to visit the Old Quarter you can walk or rent a bicycle. Travelers who like to experience something new can rent cyclo tour around Hoi An.

With tourist spots away from the city, visitors should rent a motorbike or car to get around. If you have a chance, try to take a boat trip on the Hoai River in the evening, buy some lantern and float it on the water.

The prominent tourist spots in Hoi An

Where should you go when traveling to Hoi An? You have a wide variety of places to choose from, both in and out of Hoi An. Vietnam local tour operator also suggests you some famous places in Hoi An that you should not miss.

Hoi An famous for its own unique beauty

Let’s start the trip to Hoi An with interesting destinations in the city. If you think Hoi An ancient town is the only place to visit in Hoi An, you should think again. Because the city center also has dozens of points to visit. Typical examples include:

  • Fujian Temple (Kim An Pagoda)
  • Bridge Pagoda (Japanese Bridge, Lai Vien Kieu): Hoi An ancient town center.
  • Museum clusters: Museum of folklore, Museum of Hoi An cultural history, Hoi An trade museum, Sa Huynh culture museum.
  • Ancient house clusters: Quan Thang ancient house, Tan Ky ancient house, Phung Hung ancient house.
  • Traditional arts and crafts showroom, the legendary wall at Hoang Van Thu street, the ancient wells in Hoi An

Attractions around Hoi An:

  • Cu Lao Cham island
  • An Bang beach
  • Cua Dai beach
  • Vietnam trade villages cluster: Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Tra Que Herb Village, etc.

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