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Hoian cooking class and what else can you find in Hoian?


You may have heard of Hoian cooking class from several friends and not so sure what makes it a sensational thing when traveling to Hoian. This post below will tell you why!

Hoian is broadly regarded as one of the top culinary heavens all over Vietnam, with tons of worldwide-known cuisine such as Cao Lau, My Quang, Chicken Rice, Banh My and so on. Top things to do in Hoian reward you with a wide range of choices, for example a City tour around the Old Quarter with a deep insight into the history and stories behind the ancient temples and houses, or drowning in the pristine beach of An Bang just close-by the town, and one of which is for sure a short cooking class operated by the most trusted local chefs and tour operators.

Hoian nightfall

Nightfall in Hoian

From dozens of choices in Hoian officially run and organized by various big names in the travel industry such as hotel groups, F&B services, and travel agencies, you can easily pick the right one. Not only can you be guided through the typical dishes of the Central region, but given a chance to go shopping in a local market just like a real Hoian citizen, and yeah, enjoy the final achievements made just by you.

Most of the foreign friends of mine who have paid a visit to Hoian for at least once, signing up for a cooking class is something they always stayed proud to tell and share. By going for one, you will be introduced to plenty of choices and make the most suitable decision on your own. Afterward, driving on a little bike heading straight to a real wet market, picking the right ingredients accordingly and pretty much having a chance to chat with the locals around are the best interesting experience that you may find it hard to reject.

The healthiness of Hoian cuisine

The healthiness of Hoian cuisine

Depending on specific options taken, you are even taking part in a short journey along the poetic Thu Bon River, sneaking through a refined coconut forest on a small wooden boat, or indeed biking towards the town’s handicraft villages. A proper Hoian cooking class would equip you with aprons, a full germ-free set of kitchen tools and utterly guided through every single dish selected. Now you may find it pretty amazed by simple but sophisticated steps such as making the finest tasteful sauce, slicing and chopping fresh veggies or rinsing your rice papers the right amount of water and the list goes on.

Shopping in a local market

Shopping in a local market

And enjoy your work at the end of the tour in an elegant ambiance

And enjoy your work at the end of the tour in an elegant ambiance

Some say language and cuisine are the best reflections of a country, and that cannot be more accurate. Cooking is a great way to integrate and connect, that is why many of us easily get attracted to be shared with the hidden secrets in cooking. Having a cooking class in Hoian is just a part of a bigger exploration chain offered by various local tour operators. One of the greatest things when traveling to anywhere else on the planet Earth is to have a local companion helping and sharing in every step you take. And furthermore, their own stories even bring you a better look and experience towards the people and history of the sites you are seeing. And because of that, hitting up with a guide or a companion massively expands your network and helps you grow even better.

Here are what you can get when joining in any Hoian group tours:

  • Visiting Chua Cau, or Japanese Covered Bridge with a story behind about an ancient monster stirring up the country of Japan with volcanoes and earthquakes.
  • Getting history lessons throughout the Chinese temples and ancient houses, amazed by the unique architecture those ancestors left for their later generations. Tan Ky, Phung Hung, and Duc An are a few most famous ancient houses in the town.
  • Being ready to be surprised by the interesting history about one of the most well-known trading ports in the region of Southeast Asia and why it gradually lost its part when the French colonists stepped into the country.
  • Having a perfect Ao Dai tailored made in an authentic tailoring spot.
  • Going with the flow on the classical Thu Bon River.

The special type of transportation

The special type of transportation you have witnessed before

And these are not all you may know. A drift-away with your own group of friends, or families, when darkness falls in the center of town and taste the best local street food will incredibly fulfill your day!

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