Hoian cuisine – It is far more than just Cao Lầu

Let’s talk about Hoian group tour, online travel magazine can reward you with tons of suggestions on what to do and where to go, a Hoian day tour to Trà Quế Herb Village, a day at An Bàng Beach or simply a City tour within the Old Quarter complex itself. This time, let’s take it to a whole new level that most of your friends hardly ever think of, a Hoian food tour! It is time to live like a true local, here are typical famous dishes you can spot out on the streets of Hoian.


Cao Lầu – Iconic Hoian dish

Kem Ống – Tube ice cream

Visit Hoian amid a humid sunny day will probably intrigue you with a desire of dishes cold and tasty. That is when tube ice cream come into your sight. Obviously, tube ice creams are those made in long thin tube moulds and served in various vivid colors. Hoian tube ice cream owns a distinctive sweetness yet not greasy, which is fancied by both adults and children. A portion of Kem Ống comes at a very reasonable cost, which varies around VND 3000 for a piece. What are the best flavors? Feel free to pick from mint, strawberries, coconut milk or durian.


Tube ice creams

Chả Chiên – Fried fish pies

If you are wandering off around Hoian corners and suddenly catching sight of a Viet woman with a bucket on one hand and a tray on the other side, she is definitely serving fried fish pies. Even though Chả Chiên shows up in a pretty simple appearance, it gains a remarkable reputation in local travelers’ mind. If you are seeing the old quarter in the middle of the rainy season, holding a hot piece of Chả Chiên when watching rainfall is definitely something only a true traveler can experience.


Fried fish pies

Thịt Nướng Cuốn Bánh Tráng – Grilled pork wrapped with rice paper

Grilled pork in Hoian obtains a little difference against other cities across the country. In Hoian, you can still hold up a cracking piece of pork clamped amid a bamboo roasting-jack as freshly picked up from the burning charcoal. You can choose to take it off the roasting jack and rolled inside rice paper along with fresh veggies. The meat is chewy, savory as finely seasoned while obtaining a slightly spicy taste of hot chili sauce placed atop. Other than that, the sour taste of star-fruit, the acrid savor of herbs fused with a sweetness of fish sauce at the end will surely bring you something you have not ever had by far. VND 5000 is a fine price for each piece of grilled pork. What a fantastic deal for an awesome meal!


Grilled pork wrapped with rice paper

Bánh Bèo – Steamed rice cake

Saved the best for last, Bánh Bèo in Hoian is so iconic and favored that you can totally spot it out from a local street treat to an upscale restaurant. Hoian steamed rice cake contains three different layers, which are skin, stuffing, and sauce inside out. Bánh Bèo skin is made of young rice and poured into molds in order to form an eye-catching ivory look. Meanwhile, its stuffing brings a thick feeling including ground shrimp, green onion, and fried shredded bread. Last but not least, do not forget to add a little bit of fish sauce on the top of the surface, use your tiny spoon, split it into smaller pieces and consume! What an ideal Hoian tour treat you can find!


Steamed rice cake

Frankly speaking, Cao Lầu, Mỳ Quảng, and Bánh Mỳ are the three most sought-after names that every single Vietnamese can confirm if asked about Hoian food. However, your trip to Hoian Old Quarter would not be completed without our recommendations above. Every time we return to Hoian, these names are definitely something we are not allowed to skip, or else our time in this ancient town is just half a satisfaction. If you have been to Saigon and Hanoi, a food tour is a must-have experience you can be offered in those metropolitan cities, yet do not forget a local food tour apart from your other daily Hoian group tours.

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