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Hoian day tour or what to do in the tourist town


Whenever traveling to a new country, no matter how similar the culture is to his home country, one always seeks opportunities to maximize his local experience to the fullest and tries to avoid the foreigner crowd as much as possible. If the statement sounds true to you, Hoian might be crossed off your sightseeing tours in Vietnam.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town (Source: Internet)

This little ancient town in central Vietnam is extremely crowded even in monsoon season and especially on every 15th day of lunar calendar when the locals celebrate the full moon festival by releasing lanterns into the river to worship the beauty and wish a good luck for the upcoming months.

Yet there is a conventional wisdom among international travelers that even though Hoian is a touristy town, it is still one of the must things to do Vietnam. You have to give it a go for your own sake! Well, in order to assess the validity of this common belief, let’s walk through recommended Hoian day tour to see what makes Hoian special in the eye of visitors.

But before doing so, let hoianreviews start off by giving you a brief instruction on how to get to the town. The nearest city hub to Hoian is Da Nang. Getting to the city never gets any easier. Flying to Da Nang to observe the beautiful coastline from the bird’s eye view or taking the local train to found yourself waking up in the middle of a strange land surrounded by local strangers, it is up to you. From Da Nang to Hoian, you can either take the local bus for only 20.000 VND or rent a motorbike for a much higher price in compensation for greater flexibility.

Phuong baguette

Phuong Baguette (Source: Internet)

Food tour

One of the must things to do when in Hoian is to try every local food. From the main course like Cao Lau Noddle, Banh Mi Phuong (Phuong Baguette), Banh Xeo (Sizzling cake), Com Ga (Chicken rice) to desserts like sweet cakes, Tao Pho (Soft tofu pudding), Che (Vietnamese pudding), tropical fruit (esp. soursop) smoothies. Either on a food stall on the street or a fancy restaurant, you can taste the most amazing street food in Vietnam until your stomach begs you to stop.

Japanese covered bridge

Japanese Covered Bridge (Source: Internet)

Heritage Trail

Classified as a National Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, this traditional trading port and commercial center in Indochina peninsula reflects exceptionally well-preserved architecture complex ranging from wooden Chinese antique houses (e.g. Old House of Tan Ky) and temples (e.g. Quan Cong Temple, Assembly Hall Of Fujian Chinese) to iconic Japanese Covered Bridge and its adjacent temple, with a twist of European influence during French colonization during 18th-19th century and the Vietnamese tube houses. With this sightseeing tour in Vietnam, you will have a chance to emerge yourself into this diversified cultural site.

An Bang beach

An Bang Beach (Source: Internet)

Natural tour

Adjacent to UNESCO Cu Lao Cham Biosphere Reserve and Top 25 Asian beaches according to 2017 Travels’ Choice by TripAdvisor – An Bang Beach, you can soak up the sun, go snorkeling or diving, swim or sometimes even surf in rough sea day. Or a relaxing paddle boating on Thu Bon River to experience the town from a different angle. If you are not the fan of water, beautiful local villages nearby such as reachable-by-bike-only Cam Nam village await to be explored. Joining local tour guides would expose you to several new challenges such as making sleeping mats or rice paper sheets.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that you can do the town in one day, spending at least one night there is strongly recommended. With the bustle night market, lantern lit up on almost every street, you will see a different aspect of Hoian by night. Magical, romantic, laidback with a cup of coffee on the rooftop cafe and restaurant overlooking the whole town would mark a perfect note for your trip.

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