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Hoian travel guide – the best time to visit Hoian Vietnam


As one of the oldest cities in Vietnam, Hoi An attracts thousands and millions of tourists every year for its extremely unique French-colonized architectures, ancient streets dotted with unobtrusive street vendors in their Vietnamese silk pajamas.

It is really a great destination for foreign tourists wishing to understand and learn more about Vietnamese lives, tradition, and customs. Many tourists choose to visit Hoian in January – Is it a great choice? Is Hoian weather in January the best time to visit this lively city? Let me show you.

Hoi An

Hoi An (Source: Internet)

hanoireviews is sure that all visitors coming here for the first time are all impressed by its amazing beauty and architecture. This colorful city is boundlessly intriguing with its narrow cobblestone streets, bright lanterns, and abundance of tailors waiting to create whatever customized masterpiece your heart desires. Although a bit of a tourist trap, it will certainly keep you entertained regardless of your travel preferences. 

General information

Located in the middle of Vietnam, under the influence of the tropical climate, Hoian observes little fluctuation in temperature during the year and possesses quite warm weather all year round with its average temperature of 29 Degree Celsius. Two main seasons are rainy and dry seasons, which are different from the Northern Vietnam with four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. However, Hoian still suffers from the heat peaking up the months from June to August when the highest temperature measured during daytime is 38 Degree Celsius while the lowest temperature only falls at 21C Degree at night. When travelling to Hoian, visitors also enjoy winter-like weather from November to January with the coldest days at the average temperature from 19 to 24 Degree Celsius. Thus Hoian weather in January is not a smart choice.

The rainy season

Do you want to walk on ancient streets under the rain? That sounds romantic, right? Yes, but it causes some inconvenience as well. Hoian rainy season lasts quite long from September to January with constantly heavy shower and even some typhoon and floods. They are conserved to be the coldest months in Hoian. Combined with the wet coastal weather, it can be downright chilly. It’s not all bad during rainy season though. There are occasional dry spells and warm, sunny days to be pounced on and a day at the beach are not out of the question. However, traveling to enjoy Hoian weather in January is not a great experience – cold, rainy and wet.

The dry season

By contrast, Hoi An’s dry season from February to May – after the wet and cold and before the big heat of high summer is the best time to visit this town, since it is mild and beautiful with moderate temperature, low humidity, less rain and warm sunshine. It is perfect beach weather – That is really suitable for photo-taking, walking, and cycling.

Hoi An sunny day

Hoi An sunny days (Source: Internet)

It is also the best time for those wishing to swim, dive, snorkel or sunbath on breathtaking beaches near Hoian such as Cua Dai Beach or An Bang Beach during summer hot days.

An interesting festival is on the 14th day of a lunar month when Hoian will be extremely charming and impressive with its Full Moon Festival and “Old Street Night”.

Hoi An Lanterns

Hoi An Lanterns (Source: Internet)


It is on Tet holiday. Tet is the Vietnamese equivalent of Chinese New Year in late January or early February. As it is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture so it is a time when most Vietnamese return to their ancestral home. Travel is at its height so flights, trains, and coaches are booked out, many establishments and shops put their prices up so you may be paying a Tet price for your hotel or newly tailored suit. Together with the inconvenient weather, it had better avoid traveling at this time.

What about other months?

From June to August/September, it is summer time in Hoian. The weather is dry and very hot with temperature in the mid to high 30s with overnight minimum temperatures uncomfortably high. And the humidity remains high.

So before the trip, you should consult all travel guides to Hoian, especially about its weather to enjoy the best moment in Hoian together with your lovers, your friends as well as your family. 

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