Interesting Culture Tours In Vietnam


Many operators are setting up Vietnam culture tours to promote Vietnamese culture for everybody everywhere.          

Besides these types of tourism such as eco-tourism, medical tourism, adventure tourism, educational tourism, the cultural tourism has recently been recognized as a unique product of developing countries attracting many global tourists. Cultural tourism is a trend in developing countries because it brings great value to the social community. Vietnam culture tours mainly include traditional ethnic festivals and religious customs to create the attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. For tourists who have researched, explored traditions and indigenous customs, cultural tourism is an opportunity to satisfy their needs.


The cultural tourism in Vietnam           

With the multi-layer, multi-color cultural depth, Hoi An is considered the living museum of architecture and urban lifestyle of Vietnamese people. The cultural values of Hoi An Ancient Town are beauty which must be stored and preserved. Many tourists who want to participate in the Vietnam culture tours cannot ignore  this place.


Travel to Hoi An Ancient Town           

Situated on the Central Coast, Hoi An is a peaceful and romantic haven, situated next to Thu Bon River which flows into the sea. For a long time, Hoi An is a meeting convergence and harmony place with the international culture which is full of humanity. Therefore, architectural works and cultural values in Hoi An Ancient Town are gathered from different cultures.        

Hoi An is famous for the beauty of traditional, harmonious architecture of old houses, walls, and roads. Along with the ups and downs of history, the ancient town of Hoi An still retains the ancient beauty through tile roofs, bricks, tree rows. It is the idiosyncratic character in the essence of the local people. The most common type of housing is the tubular house with one or two floors with the narrow width and very long depth.


The old house – the typical architecture in Hoi An ancient town           

The houses are made from materials with high strength and durability because of the harsh climate here. On each side, there is separating walls by the brick wall and the wooden frame which divides the house into three compartments with a central walkway.


The section of an old house in Hoi An           

And when visitors come to Hoi An in Vietnam culture tours, they cannot miss the unique destination which is some famous ancient houses here such as Tan Ky ancient house, Quan Thang.           

Tan Ky House is one of the most prominent houses among the ancient houses in Hoi An. This house was built by Tan Ky shopkeeper trafficking- Chinese people at the end of the 18th century. This place is the home to seven generations in a family. Tan Ky ancient house was built nearly 200 years ago, bearing typical architecture in Hoi An with furniture. The house is divided into many rooms. Each room has its own function, built from traditional materials. The house still has many signs to prove the prosperity of foreign trade,   from the 18th century to the first half of the 19th century which the wealthy merchants built magnificent houses.


Tan Ky ancient house           

Besides, Phung Hung ancient house also is one of the destinations which cannot miss the best tours to Hoi An in Vietnam. Located at No. 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Hoi An town, Phung Hung ancient house is the place where many generations of Phung Hung family live. It has been built for over two hundred years. Phung Hung ancient house is the most beautiful model of traditional architecture with high cultural value in Hoi An. Phung Hung is an architectural synthesis of three schools of architecture: Vietnam, Japan, and China. System balconies and shutters of Chinese, the roof in the middle with the four directions called the four seas is the architecture of Japanese.


Phung Hung ancient house           

In addition, Phung Hung ancient house is the largest and highest house in the area. The frame system with 80 pillars from the ironwood is placed on the foot of the stone to prevent moisture by avoiding contact between the pillar and the ground. There is a trapdoor through with the upper floor so that when the flood occurs, people can move goods upstairs.


Visiting Duc An ancient house in Hoi An           

Finally, people cannot ignore this ancient house named Duc An when coming to Hoi An. Duc An ancient house is a 180- year- old house. When visiting here, tourists will feel the old and the quiet existing in the space of the house, on each of the simple furniture of the family such as tables and chairs, the oil lamp. They have had hundreds of years old. Moreover, this place is also the contact base, revolutionary activities and the secret stop of the comrades’ key leaders of Hoi An at that time.

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