Vietnam honeymoon tour

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At Hoian, young couples can have a chance to spend time with each other, leaving behind all thinking or planning. Arrive in Hoian, there will be car picks them up to Hoian ancient town. Marriage couple will enjoy their private time with Palm Garden Resort which is the ideal resort of Hoian. They can also spend the whole day at the resort on its private beach. Swimming in the beautiful pool and enjoying romantic delicious dinners is the best idea. 

Palm Garden Resort

Palm Garden Resort

Cannot living only at the resort, lovers can go to some beautiful tourist attractions. There are activities for couples:

Hoian is an ancient town of Vietnamese, located at the lower section of Thu Bon River. It is known to be the only traditional port city of South East Asia. Nowadays, the whole ancient pagodas, streets, houses, etc. are still preserved. Throughout history, hundreds of traditional custom, religion, traditional food remain along with every generation living in Hoian. Nowadays, Hoian becomes one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Vietnam. It can say that Hoian honeymoon tour is the best honeymoon tour in Vietnam.

Going for a sight-seeing in Hoian, there isn’t just an old town; Hoian ancient town is a town with hundreds of famous vestiges. A couple can go for a stroll on old streets, buy some souvenir for their Hoian honeymoon tour.

Lantern Workshop in Hoian

Lantern Workshop in Hoian – one of the most favorite souvenir of Hoian

Thu Thuy silk shop is the most prestigious tailor in town that can make your suit within a day with great quality. People can come there to place an order and receive during the day. While waiting for their clothes to be finished, the intimate couple will have lunch at Cargo Club located right in the town. At here they can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Thu Bon River. After that, they have relaxing and romantic dinner in the private atmosphere with candlelight at the resort.

Thu Thuy silk shop

Thu Thuy silk shop – the most prestigious tailor’s in town

The next day, people can wander around, buy something or explore My Son Sanctuary, one of the five world heritages of Vietnam. Having lunch at Morning Glory restaurant, couples can savor famous and delicious food of Hoian. Tours for couples also bring you lots of interesting experiences. We will carry you and your lover on a pedicab in the afternoon, to put you two in the peaceful moments. Then let the lovebirds float on Thu Bon River on a boat. Guys can enjoy the fresh air and contemplate the dim yet beautiful sunset. Your honeymoon will be special than ever.

Morning Glory restaurant

Morning Glory restaurant serves famous and delicious food of Hoian

On the third day, you two can spend all of the precious daytime with each other. There will be a motorbike prepared for couple at the resort. The honeymoon will be even more meaningful if they can ride it to everywhere they want before checking out the next day. An excursion by motorbike to the peaceful countryside with fine fields along Thu Bon Riverside is the best thing during the tour. You can also ride it from Hoian to Da Nang to visit Ngu Hanh Son (Five Marble Mount) – a famous destination in this central city. After all day long traveling by motorbike, couples can return the resort to relax and sleep.

Ngu Hanh Son

Ngu Hanh Son – famous remains

Finishing exploring Hoian, end of your honeymoon tour in Hoian. After breakfast and checking out, we will transfer you to the airport to take the departure flight. The comfortable and romantic atmosphere of your resort in Hoian, discovering Hoian together during Vietnam honeymoon tour in Hoian will be unforgettable memories in the couple’s mind.

Talking about Central Vietnam’s cuisine – The rumor about Hoian cooking class is true


Hoian, the beautiful ancient town of Vietnam, has long been a well-known destination for the tourists both inside and outside the country. People tend to associate this old town with the images of paper lanterns, Chinese and Japanese styled houses, a peaceful river running in the city.

But do you know that the food here is too good to be forgotten as well? In fact, tasting the local dishes is one of the top things to do in Hoian.

The gorgeous Hoian at night

The gorgeous Hoian at night

Cao lau

Cao lau is considered as a signature dish of Hoian. Hardly does anyone come to this ancient town without trying cao lau for once. It’s actually a kind of Vietnamese vermicelli but bears no resemblance to the famous bun cha, or Hanoi rice vermicelli that you usually hear of.

A bowl of cao lau typically consists of noodles, pork, vegetable and a solid broth. There is only a small amount of the broth, and the visitors just need to mix it well with other ingredients to enjoy the dish. The essence of cao lau lies in the noodles. The water used to make the noodles is taken from Ba Le well created thousands of years ago by Cham residents. The vegetable is from Tra Que village, including lettuce, bean sprouts, cilantro and some other herbs. To finish, a cao lau bowl is topped with fried pork rind. You can add some chili to the dish if you want it to be spicy. Cao lau has many flavours: sour, sweet, bitter.

Cao Lau

Cao lau – the pride of Hoian cuisine

Charcoal grilled pork skewers 

Grilled pork is not something new. But in Hoian, pork is grilled in charcoal kept burning by constant hand fanning. First, the pork is marinated in a special mixture of salt, brown sugar, garlic, onion, lemongrass, uncooked sesame, cashew nut powder, and vegetable oil. Seasoned at least 2 hours, this pork is then wrapped around bamboo skewers and grilled on charcoal. The pork is served with vegetable, soy paste, Vietnamese rice cake and rice paper. Unlike cao lau, pork skewers are often sold in food vendors along the river banks. Sitting on colorful plastic chairs and enjoy this delicious dish is quite a way to experience the culinary culture of the local people.

A full set of charcoal grilled pork

A full set of charcoal grilled pork

Vietnamese bread

Yes, it’s Banh mi! Vietnamese bread is famous all around the world. In Vietnam, its ingredients vary according to the local tastes. Hoian bread surely fits the taste of Hoian people, but moreover, it satisfies almost all the visitors coming to Hoian. In this old town, there are two Vietnamese bread stores whose reputation has spread around the globe: Phuong Bread and Madam Khanh Bread (The Banh Mi Queen).

Hoian bread attracts the tourist thanks to all home-made ingredients. Pate is made from carefully-chosen pork liver, herbs are from Tra Que village, the sauce is made following a secret recipe for many generations. Even the bread is well-baked with the layer being aways warm and crispy. Bite through that crust, you’ll feel the hot sauce pour out, combining with the fresh cut ingredients inside. Yum!

Madam Khanh Bread

Madam Khanh Bread – best sandwich globally

Hoian chicken rice

Eating Hoian chicken rice is the last dish that I want to introduce for the best tour with your family.

Like other places, chicken rice here also includes rice, boiled chicken, and vegetable. The chickens are those who have only laid eggs once. That’s to make sure the chicken is firm and fragrant. Rice was harvested for at least one year ago. The raw vegetable is taken from the famous Tra Que village.

When the guests come, the owner will take out the rice and lay it with raw vegetable salad and chicken. At the top, the cook bastes some broth. When you eat, you may add a little chili sauce, then mix all the ingredients together.

Hoian chicken rice has existed for over one century and been through many ups and downs of Vietnam history. Yet somehow the flavour has been well-preserved so that today we can enjoy the dish when traveling to Hoian.

Madam Buoi

Madam Buoi’s Hoian chicken rice

Now you see why Hoian is sometimes called the new culinary town of Vietnam. Next time if you travel to Central Vietnam, come to Hoian and enjoy these amazing dishes at super reasonable prices!


Cao Lau – The pride of Hoi An cuisine


There is an obvious truth that anyone who has ever come to Hoi An has definitely tasted this delicious specialty! 

Cao Lau Hoi An

Cao Lau Hoi An

Discussing dishes in the ancient town of Hoi An, no one can skip the Cao Lau. On fairly cold Tet Holiday (Vietnamese New Year), it is not difficult for us to see old eateries, stewardesses and the "Cao Lau" in the menu. Cao Lau has long been mentioned as the typical food contributing to the soul of the cuisine still lingers old stature of Hoi An.

In essence, what is a Cao Lau? It is a noodle that has long been considered as one of the must-eat dishes in Hoi An. This food has yellow noodles, served with shrimp, pork, and vegetables. Just like Quang noodle, Cao Lau is eaten with very little broth. A special feature of this Vietnam cuisine is the yellow noodles, which are mixed with the ash wood, which is taken from the Cham Island.

The origin of the name "Cao Lau"

A Cao Lau restaurant

One of Cao La restaurants in Hoi An

According to the local people who are living in Hoi An for a long time, Cao Lau has appeared in the old town since the 17th century, when Hoi An port was established and Lord Nguyen allowed foreign merchant ships to trade here. Although the Japanese have been in Hoi An before, the new Chinese are the longest anchor character on this “age-old” land.

Cao Lau is neither a vermicelli (rice noodles) nor a beef noodle soup (called Vietnamese Pho). This dish is considered a mixed dish, only appeared in Hoi An, Da Nang and Hue. Cao Lau is usually sold in the two-storey restaurants, on which hang red lanterns. Customers come here not only for eating but also enjoying the delicate aroma of ancient dishes. Besides, they also have the opportunity to be satisfied with the peaceful air and feel relax in the ancient town.

Hoian Ancient Town

Hoian – ancient town

The name "Cao Lau" is always a question for inbound or outbound travelers whenever experiencing the ancient features of Hoi An. This kind of Vietnam cuisine is not native to China, nor to Japan. It can be said that this is a composite of many ethnic groups. In addition, this interesting name may originate from the Chinese, it means “the finest of food”. The wealthy people when going to the restaurants in Hoi An often choose to sit on the floor, this dish is familiar to "let’s go upstairs" (Cao means: high and Lau means upstairs). Therefore, to make it shorter, people usually call it “upstairs” (Cao Lau) instead of the long sentence.

Coming to Hoi An, thrill to the gastronomic soul of the old town

Although there are some similarities with Quang style noodles, Cao Lau is a much more elaborate dishes. To make the color of noodle yellow and delicious, we have to use ashes cooked from marinated rice in Cham island to create a new crispy and special fluff. The water mill must be taken from Ba Le well, which is known for its non-alum, cool water. In order to make it more scrumptious and flavorful, people usually add a little pigskin or fried and crispy noodles.

Cao Lau noodles are yellow or brown. What makes it special? It doesn’t include broth, but rather a flesh, fatty, greasy greens, pork fat. To make fried pork, local people usually opt for pork boiled lean meat, marinated spices and the special sauce called “five flavors”. Pork fat is also an exotic raw material, made of crispy pork skin, now replaced by high-fiber flour. In addition to “transform” to aroma flavor, which is also a bit like Quang style noodles, the great cook also added roasted peanuts. These dishes are placed on above of Cao Lau bowl. When the sauce is poured on the bottom, who likes to eat flavorsome can add a little more home-made fish sauce.

Cham Island

Cham island in Hoian

Stepping out of Hoi An ancient land, the Cao Lau has changed a little more, the ancient atmosphere also faded away. Only in Hoi An, this Vietnamese cuisine has enough flavor of a delicate and antique central dish. It is said that the well water of Ba Le and the ashes of Cham island and Tra Que new vegetables make this dish typical.

On top of above, with innovative ways and means of cooking, chefs have created a variety of delicious dishes catering to the needs of the people. Especially, Hoian cooking classes will create the culinary characteristics of the dishes that is the Cao Lau of Hoi An with new style according to the original taste of Quang will help you enjoy one of the special dishes of Vietnam by foreigners. This dish is considered frugal, suitable for many people's taste. When you travel to Vietnam, remember to go to the Hoian local kitchen to try this!

Hoian cooking class

Last but not least, the followings are the suggestions for the best Cao Lau restaurants:

+ Thanh Cao Lau, 26 Thai Phien street

+ Khong Gian Xanh Cao Lau, 687 Hai Ba Trung Street

+ 2 Toan Cao Lau, 27 Phan Chau Trinh street, etc

hoianreviews hopes you guys will enjoy your trip as well as the pride of Hoi An – Cao Lau.

A Central Vietnam Tour in 7 days


A 7-day tour to Central Vietnam is very favored by both domestic and international tourists because of the greatness it brings. Only a week on this land, visitors can visit a lot of national historical relics, famous landscapes and understand more about the cultural identity of Vietnam.

There are various attractive tourist destinations in Central Vietnam, however, up to now, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Quang Binh have always been on top of the must-visit destinations list for your Vietnam tours in general and Central Vietnam tours in particular.

Day 1: Ngu Hanh Son – Hoi An Ancient Town

Your Vietnam Tour 7 days will start from hectic Da Nang City. In the morning, whenever you come to Da Nang, our staffs will be willing to welcome you and take you to the hotel. Then, you officially start the exciting journey of discovery. The very first destination is Ngu Hanh Son – also known as Non Nuoc Mountain.

After about 30 minutes traveling by car, you stop by Hoa Hai Ward. Here, you will visit a limestone mountain range located in the center of the city. Local people often call it with a much more familiar name – Non Nuoc Mountain. Tourists will conquer 108 steps of Mount Thuy Son to visit the Linh Ung Non Nuoc Pagoda – one of three ancient Linh Ung pagodas in Da Nang.

Tourists will gather at the foot of the mountain to visit Non Nuoc Stone Village. Here, visitors can learn about the traditional stone sculpture of Vietnam, contemplate the sophisticated works, buy necessary stone items for your daily lives.

After a few hours of sightseeing in Ngu Hanh Son, the delegation left to visit Hoi An Ancient Town. At night, enjoying specialties of Hoi An in a restaurant will definitely help you have a wonderful dinner. Then, visitors will have a chance to wander around the charming Hoi An Town to discover interesting things here. The soul of the old town is well preserved in every scene of nature, every local’s activity, which will leave you unforgettable impressions.


Hoi An Ancient Town at night

After being immersed in the ancient cultural space in Hoi An, visitors will get in the car to return to the beautiful Da Nang City. Visitors will rest at a hotel in Da Nang.

Day 2: Ba Na Hills – Fantasy Park

In the morning, visitors are able to use buffet breakfast at the hotel to have enough energy for a long day exploring. Our staffs will pick you up at the hotel. The car will go along the coastal road of Nguyen Tat Thanh to get to that the foot of Ba Na Mountain, which is about 25km away from the city.

After free time to take pictures at the mountain foot and enjoy the special music water show, the delegation will get on the cable car to the peak. Visitors get off at Debay Station. Here, Ba Na with breathtaking natural scenery as in the middle of the heaven warmly welcomes you. Here, visitors can visit Linh Ung Ba Na Pagoda, the second Linh Ung pagoda in Da Nang. Then, visitors will continue to travel by a cable car to reach the most visited area in Ba Na Hills.

Cable cars to Ba Na Hills

Cable cars to Ba Na Hills

At noon, tourists will have lunch with all dishes cooked by expert chefs in a luxurious restaurant. After lunch, visitors can rest at the restaurant or be free to have a tour around the French Village.

In the afternoon, the delegation will visit the Fantasy Park. This is where visitors are totally immersed in the adventures of the famous characters to experience interesting games in this world-level amusement park. Here, visitors can also have a look at the dinosaur forest, the wax exhibition, etc. Then, the car will leave Ba Na and take tourists back to the city center.

At night, visitors can have dinner at the restaurant with local specialties. After that, you are free to explore Da Nang City at night. You can explore the Asian Park, visit Helio or take part in fascinating activities along Han River, etc.

Day 3: Cu Lao Cham

In the morning, visitors will have buffet breakfast prepared by the hotel. After that, our staffs will pick you up at the hotel, departing for a Cu Lao Cham day tour.

At Cua Dai Port, high-speed canoes will bring travelers to the wild Cu Lao Cham. Then, you will start the journey to visit famous places in Cu Lao Cham, such as the Hai Tang Ancient Temple, the sea museum, Cham ancient wells, etc.

After that, you can change costume, go to the beach to swimming, diving for coral viewing. Cu Lao Cham sea with blue sky will completely remove all fatigues of life, make you feel peaceful than ever.

Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham

At noon, visitors have lunch with fresh seafood. Then, you are free to go shopping at locals shop on the island. In the afternoon, tourists will prepare to come back to the mainland. Our car will welcome and take you to your hotel in Da Nang to rest. At night, you continue to explore Da Nang with various exciting activities here.

Day 4: Mud bath & spa

In the morning, after having breakfast at the hotel, our staffs will take you to a new destination. Here you can experience a unique service: Mud bath & spa. It will certainly bring you moments of absolute relaxation, health recovery, etc.

Mud bath and spa

Mud bath and spa

At noon, you are able to enjoy the specialty of Da Nang. In the restaurant, you are free to rest, take photos or buy souvenirs for families and friends. In the afternoon, visitors will go to the beach or visit some famous boutique shops in Da Nang.

After that, you will have dinner at the restaurant and continue to enjoy activities of this coastal city at night. Our staffs will take you back to the hotel to rest and prepare for a new day.

Day 5: Hue

After having breakfast, you will continue your tour. On the 5th day of this exciting 7-day journey to Central Vietnam, you will come to the city full of dreams – Hue Imperial City. On the way, you will stop at Lang Co Bay, visit the famous Ngoc Trai Village. Visitors are able to watch the shining pearl jewelery and even buy some for yourselves.

Arriving in Hue, tourists will get to the Chau Chu Mountain Foot to visit Khai Dinh Tomb, where the 12th King of the Nguyen Dynasty was buried. At noon, the delegation will have lunch at the restaurant with Hue specialties to learn more about Hue cuisine. After that, you can rest at the restaurant to stay healthy for an afternoon excursion.

In the afternoon, our car will take you to the center of Hue to visit the Old Citadel. In this magnificent palace, our guides will tell you stories about Kings. After visiting the place of the Nguyen Kings, you will be taken to Ha Khe Hill to visit Thien Mu Pagoda. This ancient pagoda is also called by the other name – Linh Mu. Up to now, Thien Mu has still held spiritual values in the lives of local people.

Hue Imperial City

Hue Imperial City

After that, you will go back to the hotel and have a rest. You will have dinner at about 7 pm. Then, you will have a free night in Hue. Tourists can enjoy traditional music on Huong River, wander around the city, etc. At night, you come back to your hotel in Hue to rest and wait for a new day of the journey.

Day 6: Quang Binh – Hue

In the morning, everyone departs to visit Dong Hoi – Quang Binh. You will visit well-known monuments such as Quang Tri Citadel, Ben Hai River, Hien Luong Bridge to learn more about the stages in Vietnam history. Once arrive in Dong Hoi, you will stop for lunch with local specialties.

In the afternoon, you will begin the journey to explore the Thien Duong Cave. It has been considered as the marvelous cave in Phong Nha – Ke Bang Nation Park, inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2003 by UNESCO. This majestic and charming cave will attract the visitors at the very first sight. After a visit, you will return to Hue City and enjoy dinner. At night, you will continue to freely explore this city.

Thien Duong Cave

Inside Thien Duong Cave

Day 7: Dong Ba Market

After breakfast as usual, our car will take tourists along the north bank of Huong River to visit Dong Ba Market. This traditional market has long existed in Hue City and still served as the largest commercial center in Thua Thien. Here, you are free to visit, go shopping for souvenirs.

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market

Depending on your departure plan, our staffs and car will see you at the airport in Hue City or Da Nang City. Your Vietnam tour 7 days will end with the joy and satisfaction of everyone.

Hoi An – the wonderful city


Hoi An is famous for its very own unique character. Taking Hoi An is a good recommendation from Vietnam local tour operators. For visitors who visit this city for the first time, hoianreviews suggests you some Vietnam local guides and best tips when traveling in Hoi An.

When should we travel Hoi An?

The climate in Hoi An is divided into two distinct rainy and dry seasons. Each season has its own characteristics. However, according to the experience of Hoi An tourism self-sufficiency that we synthesize, you should go to Hoi An at the following time:

The14th day of the lunar month – the best time to travel Hoi An:

The best time to travel Hoi An

The best time to travel Hoi An

It will be extremely astonishing, very majestic if you approach Hoi An at this time. By the day of this full moon, all the families in the ancient town of Hoi An will turn off the lights and light lanterns. Therefore, you will be admired a most mysterious beautiful scene. Not only that, the festival, the extraordinary performances will not make you regret coming to Hoi An around this time.

The appropriate time to travel to Hoi An

  • February to April:

Around this time, the weather in Hoi An is especially cool and pleasant. It is suitable for those who want to come here to relax.

  • May to July:

May to July is near the end of the dry season in Hoi An. The weather is transcendent for you to go to Cu Lao Cham. This period of time is also the ideal time to travel to Hoi An. You can participate many excursion activities at this time.

  • October to December:

If you want to experience a boat rowing in An Hoi ancient town, come here at this time. Because this is the beginning of the rainy season in Hoi An, the old town is submerged in water. People have to travel by boat. However, your travel plans will be blocked by the rain. Therefore, before traveling Hoi An in the rainy season. you should think proper.

Transportation to travel to Hoian:

A bus in Hoi An

A bus in Hoi An

You can travel to Hoi An by plane and car. However, Hoi An has no airport or train station. Therefore, tourists have to arrive at Da Nang airport. The tourists can travel to Da Nang by plane, train, car or motorcycle. If traveling by plane to Da Nang International Airport, you can take a taxi to Hoi An. Da Nang is about 30km away from Hoi An so it takes about 20 – 30 minutes to go there.

If traveling by train to Danang Railway Station, visitors can take the bus to Hoi An, about 20 minutes with a trip. If traveling by car, visitors can stop at some bus stations in Hoi An city or directly to the attractions.

After arriving in Hoi An, travelers can choose which transportation to travel in the inner city depending on their preferences and needs. If you want to visit the Old Quarter you can walk or rent a bicycle. Travelers who like to experience something new can rent cyclo tour around Hoi An.

With tourist spots away from the city, visitors should rent a motorbike or car to get around. If you have a chance, try to take a boat trip on the Hoai River in the evening, buy some lantern and float it on the water.

The prominent tourist spots in Hoi An

Where should you go when traveling to Hoi An? You have a wide variety of places to choose from, both in and out of Hoi An. Vietnam local tour operator also suggests you some famous places in Hoi An that you should not miss.

Hoi An famous for its own unique beauty

Let's start the trip to Hoi An with interesting destinations in the city. If you think Hoi An ancient town is the only place to visit in Hoi An, you should think again. Because the city center also has dozens of points to visit. Typical examples include:

  • Fujian Temple (Kim An Pagoda)
  • Bridge Pagoda (Japanese Bridge, Lai Vien Kieu): Hoi An ancient town center.
  • Museum clusters: Museum of folklore, Museum of Hoi An cultural history, Hoi An trade museum, Sa Huynh culture museum.
  • Ancient house clusters: Quan Thang ancient house, Tan Ky ancient house, Phung Hung ancient house.
  • Traditional arts and crafts showroom, the legendary wall at Hoang Van Thu street, the ancient wells in Hoi An

Attractions around Hoi An:

  • Cu Lao Cham island
  • An Bang beach
  • Cua Dai beach
  • Vietnam trade villages cluster: Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Tra Que Herb Village, etc.

The most flawless voyage with Vietnam luxury tours


Traveling to Hoi An to immerse yourself in culture space and explore the unique features of Hoi An. The guests can also experience the comfortable moments and enjoy the opulence of the luxury hotels and resorts at here. The tourists could not ignore below luxury spots.

1. Royal Hoi An Mgallery Collection Hotel

The Royal Hoi An Mgallery Collection, located at 39 Dao Duy Tu Street, Hoi An Ancient Town.Here is convenient to go to Nguyen Tat Thanh Bus Station (1.1 Km), suitable for shopping, sightseeing and discover the unique culture of Hoi An ancient town. The Royal Hoi An Hotel Mgallery Collection is one of the hotels near Hoi An ancient town and is well-suited for exploring popular tourist destinations.

From here, the visitors can easily to take pleasure in touring the city's top attractions: Japanese Bridge (0.6 Km), Mango Rooms restaurant (9-minute by foot), The Cargo Club restaurant (0.7 Km), Lounge Bar (0.7 Km).

The Royal Hoi An Mgallery Collection

The Royal Hoi An Mgallery Collection, one of the most luxurious hotels in Hoian

The Royal Hoi An Hotel Mgallery Collection is the top luxury hotel in Hoian Ancient Town. The rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities such as free Wi-fi in all rooms, 24-hour security, daily room, fax machine, gift shop. In-room facilities include internet access – wireless (complimentary), non-smoking rooms, air conditioning, alarm clock.

In addition, guests can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the hot tub, fitness room, sauna, outdoor swimming pool, diving. All of these make the homey moments as you are at home.

2. Anantara Hoi An Resort

Anantara Hoi An Resort is located at 1 Pham Hong Thai, Hoian Ancient Town, next to the Thu Bon River on Hoi An Street. With an advantage position, from Anantara Hoi An Resort, visitors can effortlessly visit ancient temples, historic bridges, museums and ancient houses. If you are looking for a hotel in Hoi An which is near Cua Dai Beach, Anantara Hoi An Resort is an ideal choice, from the hotel to Cua Dai beach about 5km.

Anantara Hoi An Resort

The modern swimming pool at Anantara Hoi An Resort

In particular, Anantara Hoi An Resort is a five-star hotel in Hoi An was awarded as the best resort in Vietnam. With full, modern facilities and services such as cafes, restaurants, bars, boat tours, and bike rental or soaking in the hotel's swimming pool, massage services are offered at the resort. The resort offers visitors the most relaxing moments. Anantara Hoi An Resort is a good value hotel in Hoi An, cannot miss on your trip.

3. Anhuy Villa

Anhuy Villa is one of the 3-star hotels in Hoi An with high quality and nice view. Located at 447 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoi An Ancient Town, it is conveniently located by Nguyen Tat Thanh Bus Station within 8 minutes by foot. From Anhuy Villa, it is propitious to visit the must-see destinations in Hoian luxury tours as Hoi An Hospital, Phac Hat Pagoda, Tran Dynasty Church and discovers the lively beauty of the city at all corners.

An ideal place to relax at Anhuy Villa

An ideal place to relax at Anhuy Villa

Anhuy Villa is designed for both leisure and business travelers. The hotel offers free Wi-fi in all rooms, Wi-Fi in public areas, car park, room service, and airport shuttle to guarantee the comfort of their guests. The hotel's outdoor pool, garden are ideal places to relax and unwind after a busy day. Anhuy Villa is an ideal place to stay for travelers who are seeking charm, comfort, and convenience in Hoi An.

4. Almanity Hoi An Resort and Spa

The Almanity Hoi An Resort and Spa is located at 326 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoi An Ancient Town.

Almanity Hoi An Resort and Spa at night

The luxurious beauty of Almanity Hoi An Resort and Spa at night

Although not a cheap hotel in Hoian, Almanity Hoian Resort and Spa always offers discounted rooms with many incentives for visitors. The hotel provides all the amenities, satisfy the most grumpy tourists, each guestroom features amenities such as non-smoking rooms, air conditioning, daily newspaper, luggage storage, Wi-Fi in public areas. In particular, after hours of sightseeing guests are used recreational facilities such as fitness room, sauna, outdoor swimming pool, indoor pool, spa.

Besides, there are many luxury hotels, resorts of homestays in Hoian. Most of them provide the best services at the suitable cost. Thus, visitors can rest assured to choose a place where to stay in Hoian and enjoy the most wonderful vacation with our Vietnam luxury tours.




6 best things to do in your Hoi An


If you travel to central Vietnam, do not miss the chance to set foot in Hoi An. With a lot of stunning sightseeing spots, tasty food, centuries-old Buddhist pagodas and unique architecture, Hoi An has become a favorite destination for visitors to Vietnam in recent years.

This peaceful old town caters to tourists of all tastes from all over the world. To have the most memorable trip in Hoi An, let’s check out top 6 incredible things to do in there!

1. Take a cooking class

Hoi An is famous for its diverse and delicious food. Joining a cooking class is a wise choice to understand deeply about Hoi An cuisine and how Vietnam traditional dishes are made. Most restaurants offer cooking classes with the prices vary from 350,000 to 550,000 VND for a 4-6 hour market tour and cooking class. Your cooking class will start at a local wet market where you can see how Vietnamese sell and purchase their food and then choose the freshest ingredients by yourself. After that, a friendly chef will instruct you on how to cook some famous Vietnamese dishes such as Nem Cuon (spring rolls), Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancakes), Pho Bo (beef noodle), etc.

Hoi An’s cooking class

Hoi An’s cooking class

2.  Visit historic sites

There are many historical sites to see with purchase of a ticket to Hoi An Old Town. First, let’s take a visit to the Museum of Trade Ceramics which shows art and pottery dating from the 1,500’s to the 1,700’s. Continue on a brief visit the Chua Ong Pagoda, a temple from the 17th century featuring China's influence in this region. Then do not forget to take a walk to see Duc An, Tan Ky, and Phung Hung old house. All these spots are fascinating and beautifully well preserved.

Tan Ky Old House

Tan Ky Old House

3. Explore the nightlife in Hoi An old town by foot

When the night comes and the lights ignite, Hoi An ancient town turns into a magical and romantic town that can make any tourists love at first sight. So let’s go for a stroll around this old town and feel the unique nightlife atmosphere in there. First of all, do not miss to take a visit to the Vietnamese handicraft shops and the famous lantern shops. Colorful lanterns along the streets make an exotic feature for this old town. Along the way, you can buy some lovely souvenirs and try some famous local dishes. Another interesting activity you can do in there is floating paper lanterns down the river and then making a wish for yourself and your family. Do not forget to take some nice photos!

Hoi An’s nightlife

Hoi An’s nightlife

4. Get some tailor-made items

Hoi An is famous for its most skilled and affordable tailors, with hundreds to choose from. Therefore, getting something tailor-made is one of the must-do things in Hoi An. You can easily find fancy tailor-made suits and dresses, bags or leather shoes in there. If you are interested in getting clothing made, make sure to do your research and shop around, get quotes before settling and ensure you ask about their turnaround time (normally are around 24-48 hours).

Hoi An’s tailor-made shop

Hoi An’s tailor-made shop

5. Rent a bike to discover Hoi An’s countryside

With magnificent rice field, fisher villages, river, and beach, the countryside of Hoi An is really worth for an expedition. So do not hesitate to rent a bike and discover it by yourself. You just need to pay about $2-3 to rent a bicycle for a whole day. You can cycle through narrow paths along huge paddy fields, visit Kim Bong Carpentry village to see how boats are made or Duy Vinh sleeping mat village to make rice paper at a locals’ family.

Hoi An cycling tour

Hoi An cycling tour

6. Relax on the Hoi An’s beaches

Your Vietnam group tour will be not complete without a visit to wonderful beaches. Hoi An features some great beaches for you to relax like Cua Dai beach or An Bang beach. You will be amazed by the clear blue water and the white sand in there. On the beach, you can swim, take a sunbath, stroll along the beach and eat delicious fresh seafood. Besides, a lot of restaurants and bars are open until night so you can enjoy a wonderful night in there.


Where should we go in Autumn?


Autumn (August to October) is a romantic moment and also the ideal season to have a long journey to admire the yellow sceneries. Autumn brings the deep memories and the moment of season change that is really suitable for sightseeing the scene of Central Vietnam.

Do not miss must-see destinations below:

Hoi An ancient town

Perhaps with ancient space and the characteristic yellow color of the old town, we can feel the autumn in Hoi An most obviously. The change of heaven brings with it the breath of the season overflowing on Hoi An town so that the ancient scene becomes more tranquil.

Hoi An in the autumn

Hoi An in the autumn

The yellow color of hundreds of years-houses combines the characteristic yellow of trees to create a unique charm for Hoi An autumn. The early morning rays of autumn will warm the air. The sun in the autumn is not as sultry as in the summer but become very sweet and seductive.

Hoi An is not only sunny but also has long lasting rains in the autumn. The image of roof houses drowned has become so familiar. However, flood tourism is also an interesting experience.

Strolling by boat

Strolling by boat

You can rent a boat strolling around in the old town, take pictures, discover the life of Hoi An people in the flood season, take a panoramic view of Hoi An ancient roof when flood surge, visit the streets of Hoi An by boat … or visit the coffee shop on the second floor of some ancient house

Hoi An autumn is sunny, rainy even stormy. Therefore the people here maybe are not so gentle but very honest and plain.

Hue city

Autumn time from September to the end of November, is considered the ideal time to travel Hue. At this time, the weather is not too hot and not cold (25- 28ºC) that convenient for visiting Hue.

Hue in Autumn

Hue in Autumn

Hue city is one of the prominent stops in the way of the Central Vietnam Heritage with the system of palaces, mausoleums, and ancient pagodas. Hue is the land recording the golden mark of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The relics of Hue ancient capital have a great cultural value for the nation. Many places are recognized by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage. In addition, Hue is beautiful beside to poetic Huong River and Ngu mountains.

Hue cuisine

Hue cuisine

Hue's delicious dishes with the exquisite presentation is also a factor attracting tourists in the Central Vietnam tour.

Da Lat city

Da Lat tourism city in each season has a unique beauty, but it seems that only when the autumn comes, has this land become more attractive and romantic than ever. Throughout the hills, the mountains are always covered with a soft silk of flowers and leaves. This is the best time for visitors to visit Da Lat.

The yellow trees in Da Lat

The yellow trees in Da Lat

Travel to Da Lat at this time, you will admire the brilliant colors of wild sunflowers all streets. Along with the hills is the pink of cherry blossoms or the yellow of mimosa flower. Nowadays, travelers to Da Lat not only watch the scenery but also enjoy the fresh air and feel the cold air that's characteristic of Dalat in the late autumn.

Love valley in the autumn

Love valley in the autumn

In addition, you should visit the other attractive destinations such as Love Valley, Bao Dai Palace, Truc Lam Zen Monastery … and do not forget to enjoy Dalat specialties and come to night markets to buy gifts for your relatives and friends.

Rice field in Da Lat

Rice field in Da Lat

Perhaps few people know that in Da Lat there is also a golden season by the rice fields where the villagers come to the field eagerly in the harvest, the laughter loudly everywhere.

Nha Trang city

Nha Trang beach – The pearl of the East Sea is always an ideal tourist destination with visitors all times of the year, not just autumn. 

Tam island in Nha Trang

Tam island in Nha Trang

Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the landscapes in the city center, discover and learn the unique features of the architectural monuments Long Son Pagoda, Po Nagar Cham Towers, Bao Dai's palace as well as bathing in beautiful beaches, admire the natural landscapes in Tam Island, Tre Island, Monkey Island. Certainly, tourists will be attracted by this beautiful seaside town in the autumn. 

Phu Quoc island in nice sunshine season

From late September, early October to the end of March next year is the tourist season in Phu Quoc. This is the most beautiful time here because it is not rainy season, Phu Quoc began to welcome the beautiful sunshine.In October, the sky is clear, the sun "strands" the yellow silks on the soft sand background. Phu Quoc in October is also gentle…

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc has famous tourist attractions, if you don't visit them during the Autumn trip, it is a shameful lack of you. Phu Quoc has pristine beaches and most beautiful in the world. One of those beaches is Sao beach.

In addition, do not forget the exciting activities such as scuba diving to see colorful coral, fishing squid at night, and enjoy fresh seafood.

Diving to admire colorful coral

Diving to admire colorful coral

There is a beautiful place in Phu Quoc, Ham Ninh fishing village. Ham Ninh fishing village in October impress visitors with beautiful scenery thanks to a bright morning full of vitality or the romantic sunset as the pictures and people here are also extremely homely.

Autumn picture in Ham Ninh fishing village

Autumn picture in Ham Ninh fishing village

Forest of Phu Quoc in October is also as beautiful as the sea. Going to Phu Quoc forest, you will discover the unique forest ecology, conquer beautiful streams, and Tranh stream is one of the most beautiful streams in Phu Quoc.This stream falls smoothly and calmly. There are some sections flowing through the rapids create the wonderful white waterfall.

Since autumn is the peak tourist season in Phu Quoc, it is advisable to book your hotel room in advance so that the trip is more perfect.

Ideal destinations for couple In Hoian Tours


Highlight in the central tourist line, Hoian is truly a paradise. Whether it is day or night, Hoi An tourism still has its own charms. CNN has also listed Hoian in top 10 romantic places in the world that couples should explore together ( in 2015). You will experience peaceful and romantic things that only Hoian could offer.

An Hoi Bridge

Decorated with antique parasol and colorful lanterns shimmer shining around the area of Hoai River Square. Tourists, when travel to Hoian, will have a feast of eye-catching beauty and cultural values, especially if you are a history junky. Since these works of art are done by well-known lantern artists in Hoian. With the impressive view overlooking Thu Bon River and lantern suspension running along to the center of Hoai River Square, this is a mood booster for lovers to come and sightseeing, taking a selfie or simply a night walk. It is also a favorite spot for photographers in the style of river house.

An Hoi Bridge At Night

An Hoi Bridge At Night

Hoai River

A tributary of the Thu Bon River flowing through Hoian. It is always crowded, especially at night. There are many romantic activities that you and your partner can do together on this poetic river. Besides taking pictures, you can also float down the canal and save the image of the river as shimmering.

Reaching Out Tea House

Topping the list of the most beautiful, unique and romantic cafes in Hoian is Reaching Out. The shop is designed in the pure Vietnamese style, from the furniture such as tables, chairs, pillows, cupboards, teapot, coffee … to decorative items such as dishes, vases, … are very elegant and simple. As soon as you step into the bar, you will be immersed in the old tea smell and serene vibe. You can sit indoors to feel the warm, neat, nostalgic or in the garden with the romantic beauty of the surrounding.

Reaching Out Tea House

Reaching Out Tea House

An Bang Beach

After visiting the villages and relics, you want to immerse yourself in the white sand and blue coast. Then An Bang Beach is a destination not to be missed in this Hoian tours. With clear sea and long sandy beach under the glistening sunshine, An Bang Beach is selected in the top 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia. Here you will enjoy a relaxing moment on the beach of An Bang brings you a strange monk. The scenery in Cua Dai Beach is beautiful with smooth white sand stretching along the clear blue sea. At Cua Dai beach, visitors can bathe, sunbathe, play sports in the sand, and especially enjoy the delicious fresh seafood.

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Thanh Ha was a very prosperous village, famous for pottery and earthenware exchanged throughout the central provinces of Vietnam. It is one of the famous traditional villages in Hoian. You can admire the fine pottery art which is extremely sophisticated from the skillful hands and talents of artisans in Thanh Ha. In addition, you can also make your own products to make memories or bring back to relatives and friends as gifts. It is located on the bank of the Thu Bon River, in Thanh Ha Ward, Hoian City, about 2km West of the Old Quarter.

Chinese American Conventions

In the 16th – 17th centuries, many Chinese people settled in Hoian and contributed to the thriving development of the port town. Many buildings of spirituality and belief are built, most famous are the three surviving works to this day include Quang Dong Assembly Hall, Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall, Trieu Chau Assembly Hall.

  • Quang Dong Assembly Hall: Built-in 1885. The architecture of the Quang Dong Assembly Hall is distinguished by the rational use of wood and stone materials in the bearing structure. Especially, visitors will be impressed by the decorations and the beauty of pedestal inside and outside the building. Moreover, every year on 24th of June ( on the lunar calendar), there is a very popular festival attracting many participants.

Location: 176 Tran Phu

  • Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall: The house was built in 1967. With the interiors of the garden are decorated with many plants and lakes. Legend has it that the forerunner of the Assembly Hall is a small shrine worshiping the statue of Mazu (the goddess of protection for traders surpassing the ocean), which was picked up on the coast of Hoian in 1697. After many restorations, the house became more brilliant and contributing to the beauty of the architecture of Hoian.

Location: 46 Tran Phu Street

Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall

Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall

Trieu Chau Assembly Hall: Built-in 1845 to serve as a place of worshiping Trieu Chau people's own belief in Hoian. The interior of Trieu Chau Assembly Hall is quite unique when it is decorated with elaborately carved wood paintings, along with motifs, wooden candlesticks, and beautiful terracotta reliefs, reproducing many old folk legends.

Location: 92B Nguyen Duy Hieu.

Old House of Tan Ky

Built nearly 200 years ago, Tan Ky House has the typical architecture of Hoi An town with furniture divided into many rooms. The house is built of traditional materials and made by local carpenters. Its own unique appearance and elegance salience have also shown the interaction with the style of building in the area. On February 17, 1990, Tan Ky House was granted a Certificate of National Historical-Cultural Relics.

Hoi An Handicraft Workshop

The workshop brings together most traditional handicrafts of Hoi An and Quang Nam, such as weaving mats, weaving fabrics, pottery, lacquerware … Visiting the workshop, guests will find a peaceful scenery of Vietnamese countryside. You will visually witness the skillful hands and excellent skills of artisans, creating fine art and craftsmanship. Tourists can take part in the production process and buy some souvenir items.

Hoi An ancient town is always the place where couple prefers traveling. Not only does it has top destinations must-go in Hoian but also with narrow ancient streets leading to the traditional culture behind the gardens and sparkling beauty, the fanciful and warm light of hundreds of silk lanterns, it is considered as a romantic neighborhood for couples. In Hoian, especially on the night of the full moon, the beautiful small town is lit by colorful lights, a beautiful background during the night for a honeymoon or just a short tour for couple in Hoian.

Enjoy your Hoian culture tours through some famous festivals


Hoian is a cultural heritage in the world. It has many interesting things to discover. Among them, joining Hoian culture tours to enjoy some famous festivals in Hoian is one of the best choices.

Lady Thien Hau worshiping festival

This festival is held by Hoa community living in Hoi An City. The two places where people choose to organize it are Phuc Kien Club and Ngu Bang Club. It annually takes place on the twenty-third day of March of the Lunar calendar in order to commemorate and honor lady Thien Hau. She was a Chinese people living in Tong era and her hometown was Phuc Kien Province. She had a special ability to predict the weather thus helping local farmers and fishermen avoid natural disasters effectively. Also, she continued assisting and preserving them in their settlements in a new land. Therefore, this festival is a chance to reinforce the solidarity between the two races and it becomes a Vietnamese cultural identity.

Lady Thien Hau

Lady Thien Hau

Lady Thu Bon Worshiping Festival

It is an age-old traditionally folk festival occurring yearly in Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province. Its aim is to have the merits of Lady Thu Bon in remembrance. She, also known by the name Madame Bo Bo, was a Cham people. She had a great contribution to building up agriculture and silviculture for people in this land. She represented for love, belongings, and rose-color for all regional people. Her mausoleum was built a long time ago by local people in Duy Tan Commune. This festival occurs boisterously with some interesting activities. In general, it includes liturgies, boat-races, parade, folk games and so on. At the last night, it has flower garlands and colored lanterns festival and campfire.

Lady Thu Bon Worshiping Festival

Lady Thu Bon Worshiping Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival – a festival characterizing for Hoian culture tours

According to Vietnamese custom, Mid-Autumn Festival takes place in the middle of autumn, it means the fifteenth day of August of the Lunar Calendar. This time is believed to be the most beautiful day in autumn because the moon is round and light in a maximum way. From the beginning of this month, people have prepared a lot for this festival. In this occasion, people always place the five-fruit tray on the ancestral altar and in their home yield. Adults usually come together and drink while talking about some funny stories in their lives. Meanwhile, children like joining lantern parade, sing some special songs and eating confectionery. Besides, Mid-Autumn Festival is the opportunity to forecast the next crops basing on the color of the moon. Therefore, it deserves to choose if you want to enjoy a cultural tour in Hoian Vietnam.

Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoian

Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoian

Ghost Festival

On the full moon in July of the Lunar Calendar each year, many Vietnamese people in general and Hoian people, in particular, go to the pagoda to pray for the salvation of the dead soul. Especially, people usually wish for their mother to be long-lived with them. In many pagodas in Hoi An, Ghost Festival is held in a warm atmosphere when all participants spend the whole love to their parents. In Phap Bao Pagoda, it has a prom night called “Bong hong can ao”. It gives people some precious moments to think about the love between individuals, child, and parents. The rose stuck on the chest as a promise to always beside parents. It reminds people of how crabwise parents underwent in all year round.

It is time to commemorate the merits of parents

It is time to commemorate the merits of parents

Thanh Ha pottery village festival

On the tenth day of January of the Lunar Calendar every year, hundreds of people in Thanh Ha pottery village gather to Nam Dieu Shrine to prepare for some formal liturgies. This festival attracts a lot of people in this region and tourists from everywhere. It is a spiritual culture activity with a lot of folk etiquettes performed by artists and local people. From the early morning, the main ceremony is organized with the parade team walking along the streets. It goes from Nam Dieu Shrine to Thanh Chiem Shrine. It is a place to worship, honor and believe in progenitors. In the festival oration, people wish for a peaceful country and a rich crop. After these activities, most people in Thanh Ha village wear “ao dai” and flower scarf, invite tourists to join the folk games like “Cong nang ve dinh”, “Lai buon xuat sac” or making ceramics, cooking by casseroles and so on. Therefore, this village becomes an ideal cultural place of Vietnam to visit in Hoi An.