Things to know to get the most of Hoi An


Hoi An – the only ancient town in Vietnam at present, attracts tourists both domestic and a huge amount of outlanders rushing to seek for the best Vietnam group tours in this well-known zone. This Vietnam’s central land brings the beauty of an antique, nostalgic and reticent site.

Hoi An is charming, but still, there are also conditions that are not favorable for visitants, especially transportation. To have a whale of the time in Hoi An, please bookmark the great tips in the following article "Things to know to get the most of Hoi An" from hoianreviews.

1. The best time for your Hoi An group tours – When is the ideal phase to visit this place?

Japanese bridge

Japanese bridge (Source: Internet)

The top priority we should keep an eye on while traveling to Hoi An definitely is the weather. Hoi An commonly has sunny days but there are those days when the sky is laden with overcast. Travelers should be aware of the regional forecast before hitting the road because Hoi An occasionally has freaking cold days (it chills to our bones!). Hoi An is characterized by two distinct seasons: the dry season usually lasts from January to July and the rainy season usually lasts from August to December.

The perfect time to visit Hoi An is from February to April yearly. This period usually coincides with Lunar New Year (Tet), the atmosphere may be slightly cold but and no rain appears. Natural scenery in this span is extremely magnificent: greenish lush trees or blooming colorful florets, …which makes it the ideal time to stroll down the romantic ancient streets. From May to July is also an excellent choice that you should bear in mind when it comes to the flawless spell to visit Hoi An. Hoi An is in summertime in those months – the climate is fresh and cool, convenient for sightseeing the acclaimed site.

Hoai River

Hoai River (Source: Internet)

If you have much time on your side, your Hoian group tours should happen on the full moon day(s) (around 14th lunar month). On this very day, Hoi An takes places the night festival in which the whole old quarter turns off electricity and lanterns are lit everywhere instead. Foreigners can charter a boat (commonly with a petite “female” captain in her fifties) to admire the old city at night, release flower garlands in order to wish best of luck for their beloved ones and listen to traditional folk songs. What a scintillating way to get the most of this land’s lantern day. Miraculously dimple and frivolous lanterns are near and far on the gentle river. Better yet, visitors can participate in many popular traditional games. At the same time, guests will also have the opportunity to munch on many specialties of Hoi An. Though it has some rainy days, it does not bother visitors much. Hence, depending on the preferences and leisure time of tourists, they can opt for the reasonable time to visit Hoi An.

2. Transportation to think of during Hoi An group tours?

A cyclo tour around Hoi An

A cyclo tour around Hoian (Source: Internet)

The second mentioned FAQ while heading for Hoi An is conveyance. Hoi An has no airport or train station, so guests come here often through Da Nang City. Tourists can access to Da Nang by plane, train, car or motorcycle. If traveling by plane to Da Nang International Airport, you may take a taxi to Hoi An. Da Nang is about 30km away from Hoi An and it takes two hours to travel between the pair.

In the event of making a trip to Da Nang Railway Station, guests can take the 1st  bus around 20 minutes to Hoi An. If the chosen vehicle is a car, we can stop at some transport stations in Hoi An or make our way directly to famous sightseeing spots. Sightseers should make the wise choice of suitable means for the convenient and safe excursion.

Hoi An

The iconic lantern in Hoi An (Source: Internet)

After traveling to Hoi An, adventurers can call for transit to go around the inner city to wherever you would like to check it out. If you want to stop by the Old Quarter, you should simply walk or rent a bicycle. Itchy feet who take delight in experiencing brand new things can lease a cyclo tour around Hoi An. However, for reaching tourist attractions which are far away from the city, we had better make use of a motorbike or car to get around. If you have a chance, try jumping on a boat trip on the Hoai River in the evenings, fetch any tiny lantern and drift it on the imperceptibly undulating water surface.

Like other cities, the locals of Hoi An also have their own taboos and restrictions. If you are the first person of the day to check in a store, you should buy something, at least small things. In particular, before you make up your mind to buy an item, you should negotiate the price to avoid being ripped off. Read the article "What to buy in Hoian, away from the tourist traps" for more information. Note down those bookmark-worthy things to know to get the most of Hoi An resulting in the best ever tour in Vietnam.



Hoian – more than just an ancient town


Hoian is a reputable destination on the central coast of Vietnam that welcomes numerous flocks of travelers from all over the world. Talking about this place, almost every person knows it is an ancient town with the history dating back to several centuries ago.

However, there are still many other interesting things that they do not acknowledge. Take a look at the following hotspots that travelers should not miss when taking Hoian group tours.

1. Mangrove palm forest

Nestled just about 3 kilometers from the ancient town, the mangrove palm forest in Cam Thanh Commune is an exceptionally fascinating attraction in Hoian. The palm forest is located at the convergence of Thu Bon and Truong Giang Rivers, making up a wonderful scenery that would steal visitors’ hearts at the very first sight.

Small canal in the forest

Small canal in the forest

The mangrove palm forest in Hoian cannot be a better option for Vietnam off the beaten track tours. Travelers can rent bikes to ride along the shaded paths through the forest to enjoy the fresh atmosphere as well as to see the beautiful handicraft items made from the palm leaves that are picked by the locals. It is also interesting to bring fishing rods and go fishing in a tranquil and peaceful place while watching the glamour sunset on the river.

Basket boat dancing

Basket boat dancing

Another must-try activity that Hoian group tours should not ignore is trying the basket boat dancing. Basket boat is a unique kind of boat of the locals. You will go aboard the small rounded boat and glide along the canals to see the picturesque scenery of the palm forests. Especially, the basket boat dancing is exceptionally fascinating to try.

2. Thanh Ha Pottery Village

With the history dating back to the 16th century, Thanh ha Pottery Village, which is about 3 kilometer to the west of Hoian, is one of the most famous pottery villages in Vietnam. It acclaims reputation for high-qualified pottery products that have been sold all along the Central Coast in particular and Vietnam in general. Nowadays, the products made from the skillful hands of the local craftsmen are also exported to different markets in the world. The products vary in types and sizes, from small cups to large vases and jars. The bricks and tiles are the most outstanding items of Thanh Ha Pottery trademark.

Thanh Ha is a famous traditional pottery village

Thanh Ha is a famous traditional pottery village

Visiting Thanh Ha Pottery Village, travelers will get a closer look to the traditional occupation of the locals. It is great to make pottery souvenirs by yourself to bring home.

3. Thu Bon River

It would be a big regret if you take Hoian group tours but ignore the poetic Thu Bon River, which flows through this little town. While the part flowing through the old quarter has been long well-known for its majestic beauty with the colorful lanterns at night, the other parts are also magnificent, yet not many people acknowledge about.

Sunset on Thu Bon River

Sunset on Thu Bon River

A trip along the riverside of Thu Bon River will enable travelers to get rid of the stress and fatigue of the daily life and ease their minds with the tranquilly beautiful scenery of the less-traveled destinations in Hoian. It would be amazing to ride through the small paths around the hamlets, across the green rice fields to get a deeper approach to the life in the countryside. You can also sample the simple yet tasty delicacies of this land. Taking on a boat gliding along the river to watch the glorious sunset is also worth giving a try.

4. An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach

Traveling to Hoian, people tend to choose Cua Dai as their beach destination but forget another stunning one – An Bang Beach. Voted as one of 25 best beaches in Asia, An Bang Beach holds a strong appeal that travelers cannot stand themselves from falling in love. The Colgate-white beach with stretching sandbank and aqua-green sea water is particularly suitable for strolling and sun-bathing. An Bang Beach is much less crowded than Cua Dai Beach, and there are not that many restaurants or resorts here. The beach hence well remains its tranquility, offering people with a quiet and peaceful place to run away from the bustling life.

Apart from the antiquity of the old quarter, Hoian has many other things to offer. If you are still wondering where to go in Hoian, consider the destinations above. A tour to Hoian will bring you the wonderful moments that would last a lifetime.

Hoian cooking class and what else can you find in Hoian?


You may have heard of Hoian cooking class from several friends and not so sure what makes it a sensational thing when traveling to Hoian. This post below will tell you why!

Hoian is broadly regarded as one of the top culinary heavens all over Vietnam, with tons of worldwide-known cuisine such as Cao Lau, My Quang, Chicken Rice, Banh My and so on. Top things to do in Hoian reward you with a wide range of choices, for example a City tour around the Old Quarter with a deep insight into the history and stories behind the ancient temples and houses, or drowning in the pristine beach of An Bang just close-by the town, and one of which is for sure a short cooking class operated by the most trusted local chefs and tour operators.

Hoian nightfall

Nightfall in Hoian

From dozens of choices in Hoian officially run and organized by various big names in the travel industry such as hotel groups, F&B services, and travel agencies, you can easily pick the right one. Not only can you be guided through the typical dishes of the Central region, but given a chance to go shopping in a local market just like a real Hoian citizen, and yeah, enjoy the final achievements made just by you.

Most of the foreign friends of mine who have paid a visit to Hoian for at least once, signing up for a cooking class is something they always stayed proud to tell and share. By going for one, you will be introduced to plenty of choices and make the most suitable decision on your own. Afterward, driving on a little bike heading straight to a real wet market, picking the right ingredients accordingly and pretty much having a chance to chat with the locals around are the best interesting experience that you may find it hard to reject.

The healthiness of Hoian cuisine

The healthiness of Hoian cuisine

Depending on specific options taken, you are even taking part in a short journey along the poetic Thu Bon River, sneaking through a refined coconut forest on a small wooden boat, or indeed biking towards the town’s handicraft villages. A proper Hoian cooking class would equip you with aprons, a full germ-free set of kitchen tools and utterly guided through every single dish selected. Now you may find it pretty amazed by simple but sophisticated steps such as making the finest tasteful sauce, slicing and chopping fresh veggies or rinsing your rice papers the right amount of water and the list goes on.

Shopping in a local market

Shopping in a local market

And enjoy your work at the end of the tour in an elegant ambiance

And enjoy your work at the end of the tour in an elegant ambiance

Some say language and cuisine are the best reflections of a country, and that cannot be more accurate. Cooking is a great way to integrate and connect, that is why many of us easily get attracted to be shared with the hidden secrets in cooking. Having a cooking class in Hoian is just a part of a bigger exploration chain offered by various local tour operators. One of the greatest things when traveling to anywhere else on the planet Earth is to have a local companion helping and sharing in every step you take. And furthermore, their own stories even bring you a better look and experience towards the people and history of the sites you are seeing. And because of that, hitting up with a guide or a companion massively expands your network and helps you grow even better.

Here are what you can get when joining in any Hoian group tours:

  • Visiting Chua Cau, or Japanese Covered Bridge with a story behind about an ancient monster stirring up the country of Japan with volcanoes and earthquakes.
  • Getting history lessons throughout the Chinese temples and ancient houses, amazed by the unique architecture those ancestors left for their later generations. Tan Ky, Phung Hung, and Duc An are a few most famous ancient houses in the town.
  • Being ready to be surprised by the interesting history about one of the most well-known trading ports in the region of Southeast Asia and why it gradually lost its part when the French colonists stepped into the country.
  • Having a perfect Ao Dai tailored made in an authentic tailoring spot.
  • Going with the flow on the classical Thu Bon River.

The special type of transportation

The special type of transportation you have witnessed before

And these are not all you may know. A drift-away with your own group of friends, or families, when darkness falls in the center of town and taste the best local street food will incredibly fulfill your day!