Top unmissable tourist attractions in Hoi An (part 1)


Have no idea on where to go on your Hoi An group tour? There is no better way to both relax and be inspired than jetting off top unmissable tourist attractions in Hoi An.

Tan Ky Ancient House


Tan Ky Old House

A marvel of an ethnically Vietnamese family, Tan Ky Ancient House goes on to have a life of its own, becoming a central and functional part of countless people’s spiritual lives and an unmissable site on any Hoi An day tour for two hundreds of years after it was built.

An almost perfect example of a 18th merchant’s residence in this major commercial port town, the Tan Ky Ancient House is one such wonder, marking a crucial ingenious combination of 3 architectural styles, namely Vietnam, Japan, and China, from a time when the three communities lived together in Hoi An during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Tan Ky Ancient House has been in existence for at least 200 years but much of its original structure has been lovingly preserved through seven generations and still stands the test of time despite the decline in business of the town and the huge devastation of annual floods.

The highlight of the most impressive construction in Hoi An is the first pavilion and its 3 small apartments in accordance with traditional Vietnamese architecture with the yin-yang tile-covered roof, but there is plenty of other stuff to see, including Chinese poems written in inlaid mother-of-pearl hang from some of the columns that hold up the roof, the triple-beam structure (stands for heaven, earth and humans), the carved wooden balcony supporting around the courtyard, two vertical panels next to the Tan Ky House’s central courtyard, etc.

  • Location: 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hoi An.
  • Opening hours: 8am-noon & 2-4.30pm

Hoi An Central Market


Hoi An Central Market

A vast hectic hive of activity held daily, Hoi An Central Market teems with what is very likely Central Vietnam’s best selection of things: produce stall upon produce stall of everything from fresh vegetables, colorful flowers, and fresh fruits like pomelo, custard apple, etc. to chickens (still alive) being bunched onto the handlebars of motorbikes to the hair accessories and woven baskets.

This is everything Hoi An’s daily life is. Edible-food sellers proudly demonstrate the freshness of their products, tourists polish up their bargaining skills and head out shopping, and locals flock to the market to sample some of Hoi An’s food specialties – it is full of overwhelming sights, sounds, colors, and smells.

Hoi An Central Market now houses a massive food hall, where you can find so many eating spots to choose from without complaints about value for money. Expect to pay VND 15,000-20,000 per dish. Some local delicacies to try include cao lầu, mì Quảng (Quang noodles), bún bò Huế spicy soup, bánh mì, bánh bao bánh vạc (“white rose” dumplings), and bánh xèo (Vietnamese pancake). Get ready to be absolutely spoiled for choice at the decent spot for breakfast! If you don’t fancy having a proper sit down, don’t hesitate to order food at one of the street side stalls to get warmed up for some food shopping. It’s time to brave Hoi An Central Market on your Hoi An group tour!

  • Location: Hoi An Central Market is on Nguyen Hue and Tran Phu Streets stretching from the water’s edge into the town.
  • Opening hours: Early in the morning.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village


Thanh Ha Pottery Village

3 Km to the West of the ancient quarter, Thanh Ha Pottery Village is famous for its traditional pottery production which has been practiced over the past five centuries. The Terracotta Village – a park and center devoted to all things pottery is absolutely a highlight but there is so much more to see on your Central Vietnam group tour here. The traditional and unique method of making pottery bowls, jars, pots, animal shapes, etc. – handmade and wheel thrown has had a profound impact on the UNESCO World Heritage town’s local culture.

  • Location: Cam Ha ward in the Quang Nam Province

For so many people, Hoi An is both a dream place and a once-in-a-lifetime destination to visit in Central Vietnam. If you’re planning your first Hoi An tour, you should not miss the top of the must-see list in the UNESCO World Heritage town.

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