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Ú Tro is the cake made of glutinous rice flour dipped in ash. On May 5 lunar calendar, in addition to the delicious fruits, on the offering tray, many families have a few dozens of  Ú Tro – one dish of Hoian cuisine. They are familiar to call Ú Tro is the cake of Fifth day because in a year, only to this occasion, all family gather to make Ú Tro cake.


Ú Tro cake in Hoi An

Like other places, the main ingredient for Ú tro cake is round-grain glutinous rice, but thanks to their ingenuity and personal know-how, Hoi An cake has its own unique characteristics. Joining in Hoian group tours, you can learn the way to make Ú Tro that brings the “true Hoi An flavor”.

According to the local people, Hoi An Ú Tro is one of the best dishes in Hoian thanks to its unique water source, which makes the cake very soft and fragrant, and when eaten, it does not need to be dipped in broth, you still can feel the sweetness and pure of sticky rice.

Sticky rice is selected as new sticky rice in March. Ash is selected from wood charcoal and filtered carefully, preferably wood from sesame. Then soak them with ash water at a certain time.


Soaking rice with ash water at a certain time

The cake has to be cooked from 5-6 hours to be of cooked, soft and flexible.

The locals make the cake with a rate of 3 ash put into water with 1 lime. Only when traveling in Hoian food tours, can you learn that Ash water in Hoi An, many homes also have to use well water from famous well named Bá Lễ to have batches of delicious special taste. Ash and lime are settled for residue so long as the water is so fresh and clear to be soaked with sticky rice.

Sticky rice will be soaked in ash water for 12 hours. This process will be monitored regularly if the water is too sour, they have to rework. When packing, you also must pay attention, you can’t wrap too tightly or too loosely to avoid making the cake too hard or too watery and stick.

The shape and color of the cake are very important. Therefore, the packer must be very careful and meticulous from the way to fold, to tie the cake,…

The-packer-must-be-very-careful-to-wrap-Ú-Tro -helloVietnam

The packer must be very careful to wrap Ú Tro

The wrapper of this cake are leaves made from the leaves collected by the people who are picking leaves in the forest of Hai Van pass. Since leaves are not readily available, people usually buy in reserves.

Proficient people can make more than 1,000 pieces a day. After the cake is cooked into the pan, watch for about 5-6 hours depending on the number of cake in the pot is cooked to have cakes of delicious and eye-catching color.

In addition to the cooked cake, the experience that many Hoi An often transmits each other is that when the water is boiled, light an incense until the incense is burnt out, the cakes are cooked.

Cooked Ú Tro cake in Hoi An often has the yellow of glutinous rice soaked in ash and the green of leaves.  If you want to eat sweetly, you can dip this cake in sugar, or molasses. The cake is lightly sweet but not too sweet. Normally, Quang Nam people usually pack Ú Tro cake on holidays, Tet, especially Tet Doan Ngo ( 5th May lunar calendar).


Ú Tro – A gift for your family

After Hoian food tours don’t forget to buy Ú Tro cake here as a gift for your family and your friends.

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