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Vietnam Dos and Don’ts – Best tips for your Vietnam travel


Vietnam is a country full of wonders for tourists to explore. However, when you travel to Vietnam, it is important to be aware of the cultural differences. Check out this Vietnam travel guide on tips when traveling in Vietnam and Vietnam do and don’ts to make the best of your Vietnam trip with hoianreviews.


1. Greet people in native language

Greet people in native language

One of the things to do in Vietnam is greeting people in Vietnamese. The most basic greetings are ‘Xin Chao’ (Hello), and ‘Cam on’ (Thank you). When making efforts to greet people in their native language, you are much appreciated by the Vietnamese people.

2. Dress modestly in pagodas

Dressing modestly when visiting pagodas, temples or other religious places is on your Vietnam do and don’t list. The basic rule is to cover your knee and shoulder and hide as much bare skin as you can. On the bottom, it is recommended that you wear long trousers or a knee-length-or-longer-skirt. On top, you should choose shirts or blouses that fully cover your shoulder. You should also cover your tattoos when going to these places as locals are quite conservative.

Dress modestly in religious places

Remember to dress modestly in religious places

3. Bring a map and a hotel card when going out

The narrow streets and complicated traffic system in Vietnam might confuse foreigners when going out. Make sure to bring a local map whenever you are out. You can get the map from the hotel receptionist counter. In addition, you should also bring a hotel card that shows the address of your hotel in case you want to take a motor taxi or taxi to get back to the hotel as most local drivers can’t speak English.


1. Show off your money and jewelry

On your Vietnam do and don’t list, you should not carry more amount of money than you need and wear too much jewelry when walking around the streets. As flaunting wealth in public is impolite, keeping a low profile is highly recommended. This also reduces the risk of becoming a victim of petty theft.

2. Show affection in public

Don't show affection in public

Don't show affection in public

Despite changes in Vietnam culture, the society is still on the reserved side when it comes to the public display of affection. Outside urban cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, couples showing affection in public such as kissing and touching may be perceived inappropriate and not be encouraged.

3. Lose your temper in public

As the concept is “saving face” is important in social relationships, you are strongly advised to hold back aggressive behavior and maintain a courteous manner to avoid embarrassment situation to another party. Most importantly, don’t lose your temper in public, keep calm and be cook whenever possible.

4. Point at someone with finger

Pointing at someone with your finger is perceived as rude and offensive.

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